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To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

Discover whether love really can heal all wounds with this reverse harem paranormal romance twist on the forced marriage / marriage of convenience trope.

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About the Book

To save all our lives, I was forced to bond with three vampires. 

Our new coven is temporary, so I shouldn’t be developing feelings for any of them.

But my ex, Hudson, really wants a second chance. I may have royally screwed things up with his twin brother, Jax, the cutest boy-next-door vampire ever. And Nico? He’s still carefully guarding his secrets.

No matter how much I crave them, falling for these three tempting vampires would be wrong.


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Mature audiences only. 

Mature readers only. Multiple consensual romantic relationships, steamy reverse harem with sword-crossing MM action, and poly themes. All main characters are in their 30s and 40s.

Note: This book contains on-page violence and death, mentions of past suicidal thoughts, possession by demons, speaking to ghosts, torture, and a cliffhanger that might leave you in a bloodcrazed frenzy for the final book which releases in May 2023, where Mel and her vamps get their HEA.

To Hell and Back is the middle book of Mel’s Vampires Coven, a trilogy set in the Infernal Rending Universe.


Read the bonus chapter, The Middleman, and find out who the person in the middle was in this steamy, unmissable scene!

Then come meet the twins, Hudson, the leader of this motley crew, and the voluntary chef Jax. See just what they bring to the coven.


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Series: The Infernal Rending Universe, Mel's Vampire Coven, Book 2
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Polyamorous, Reverse Harem, Why Choose
Tags: FMM, MFM, Witch
Publisher: Worldbinding Books
Publication Year: 2023
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About the Author
Traci Lovelot

Addicted to stories without love triangles, Traci Lovelot writes reverse harem fantasy romance books where our leading lady lives happily ever after... with ALL the guys. Because why choose? Her characters love without limits in fantasy worlds that overlap ours. As a polyamorous person herself, Traci spends her non-writing time with her small polycule.