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Virtual Assistant for RH Novelist

Hello, there!

I’m Traci Lovelot, a paranormal romance / reverse harem author, and I’m looking for part-time contract workers to work a few hours per week.

At this stage in my career, I haven’t created well defined roles, so if you have a mishmash of various tasks you can assist me with, feel free to mention that in the application.

I’m looking for people who are self-motivated and interested in my projects more than anything else!

Note: I will share your application info with other interested authors who may hire you in the future! So, my application might get you more than one author client — please keep that in mind when filling it out.

Contents of this page

Why work with me

Stability: I can offer you 5 to 15 hours per week for the next YEAR if we work well together

Planning: I’ve got book releases and a content calendar stretching into 2025…

Well-organized: Of course, your brain may not work like mine, but at least there’s a strategy in place!

Calendar-oriented: You’ll never have to guess at my priorities or when I need things done

Not a diva: I don’t need you to kiss the ground I walk on, just haaaalp!

Low drama: Don’t start none & there won’t be none

Good communicator: I can articulate what I need and how I’ve done it

Open-minded: I’m always trying to improve… It’s part of being an indie author

Thick-skinned: I read my one-star reviews without crying… ? So yeah, I can handle a critique as long as you’re not an ass about it

Partner in crime: With the right person or people, we’ll work together more like a team

Emoji fan: You’ll usually know my mood based on my insane emoji usage 😘

As our relationship evolves, I hope to publish faster by offloading more tasks to you, giving you even more stability with a long-term client!


I already have some virtual assistants taking care of most of these tasks, but taking on another person would allow me to balance the workloads a little better amongst you all.

Don’t let this list scare you off! Like I said, I have other assistants who help with some of this.

Be honest about what you can and can’t do, or what you specialize in. You can always grow into your role with training.

In an ideal world, here’s what you’d be able to help with (acronyms below):

Social media

  • Copywriting of social media posts
  • Create TikTok videos and Instagram Reels
  • Share my new releases and sales
  • Share campaigns as I come up with them, and help me come up with campaigns, especially for TikTok and Instagram, my weakest areas
  • Create, post, manage TikTok account
  • Share BF & SO group promos I’m part of 
  • Create and monitor author posts
  • Respond to comments/messages & contact the author when needed
  • When RH readers ask for recommendations, reply to suggest author’s books (only as appropriate / as allowed)

Images & videos

  • Images and videos for TikTok and Instagram
  • Images and videos for use in Facebook ads
  • Images for A+ content on Amazon
  • Advise me on what kinds of videos are trending and take the lead on creating similar
  • BF & SO group promo images to entice clicks — social media sizes & for my newsletter
  • Other images and videos (upcoming sales, new releases, etc.) for newsletter & social media

Content calendar

  • Help me come up with a content calendar of launch ideas, other campaign ideas, and evergreen content we can post over and over again in the future for new readers
  • Use and update social media and newsletter content planning sheet 
  • Plan upcoming social media campaigns, copywriting, and images
  • Plan upcoming newsletter campaigns and images
  • Ghostwrite author’s newsletter using author’s voice (I have so many examples by now!)
  • Reuse and schedule content across Patreon (1st), newsletter (2nd), blog (3rd), and social media (4th)
  • Note updates for approval by author

Some monthly or quarterly tasks

  • Record monthly & quarterly milestones: follower counts, review counts, SO link clicks, reader
  • magnet downloads, etc. 
  • Pull quotes from reader reviews on Amazon (international stores), GR, and BB
  • Update profit/loss sheets based on receipts for the month (end of month)
  • Paperback formatting
  • Ebook formatting (various: ARCs, Patreon early release, final files, etc.)
  • Create BF, SO, BS and other book pages and links for beta copies, ARCs, magnets, sales copies
  • Update Why-Choose and with tropes, triggers, etc.
  • Create new pages and hype around releases
  • Update website with recent releases, bonus content, ARCs, tropes/triggers, etc.
  • Update MailerLite automations to reflect changes in series
  • Tracking and submitting book info to promo sites in advance of price drops
  • Set up author newsletter swaps and group promos in BF, SO, and outside of it
  • Check book categories on Bklnk and Publisher Rocket and notify author of issues
  • Book rank, keyword, cover, blurb, and other research
  • Record results of recent swaps, social media campaigns, sales, etc. for future decisions

Other Things to Note

As such, I understand that we may not be working in the same timezone, and that’s okay. I will want frequent updates, but it definitely doesn’t have to be in realtime. 

I have many processes in place, but I’m also always open to ideas to improve/streamline our processes together. 


I’m always accepting applications, but I may not be in a position to train someone new, depending on my publication schedule.

Generally, it’s a 1-3 month trial period before I determine if we fit well together.


Use this Google Form to apply for any tasks other than TikTok. Tell me what tasks you can help with, what payment you expect, how much time you have available, and we’ll discuss.

Use THIS Google Form to apply for TikTok.

Yes, they’re long, but I WILL share your info with other authors and you may get future clients from here. Other authors are always asking me how to find assistants, and it’s nice to have a list on tap!


Depending on the role you take on, I hope you’ll be familiar with:

  • Reverse harem genre tropes and romance books more broadly so you can help me write emails and social media posts
  • BookFunnel
  • StoryOrigin
  • Goodreads (please mention if you are a Librarian!)
  • Bookbub
  • Atticus
  • WordPress
  • Canva or other image creation software
  • Google Drive, Sheets, Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook pages, groups, posts
  • TikTok
  • Organization – you’ll need to follow my folder and file structure, date and file naming conventions, content calendar, planning & tracking system 


  • ARC = Advance Review Copy (give to readers for free prior to publication)
  • WP = WordPress
  • BF = BookFunnel, an author service
  • SO = StoryOrigin
  • FB = Facebook
  • GR = Goodreads
  • BB = Bookbub
  • RH = reverse harem, my subgenre of romance
  • TT = TikTok