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Virtual Assistant for RH Novelist

Hello, there!

I’m Traci Lovelot, a paranormal romance / reverse harem author, and I’m looking for part-time contract workers based OUTSIDE the USA to work a few hours per week.

At this stage in my career, I haven’t created well defined roles, so if you have a mishmash of various tasks you can assist me with, feel free to mention that in the application. I’m looking for people who are self-motivated and interested in my projects more than anything else!

Contents of this page

Why work with me

Stability: I can offer you 5 to 15 hours per week for the next YEAR if we work well together

Planning: I’ve got book releases and a content calendar stretching into 2023…

Well-organized: Of course, your brain may not work like mine, but at least there’s a strategy in place!

Calendar-oriented: You’ll never have to guess at my priorities or when I need things done

Not a diva: I don’t need you to kiss the ground I walk on, just haaaalp!

Low drama: Don’t start none & there won’t be none

Good communicator: I can articulate what I need and how I’ve done it

Open-minded: I’m always trying to improve… It’s part of being an indie author

Thick-skinned: I read my one-star reviews without crying… ? So yeah, I can handle a critique as long as you’re not an ass about it

Partner in crime: With the right person or people, we’ll work together more like a team

Emoji fan: You’ll usually know my mood based on my insane emoji usage 😘

As our relationship evolves, I hope to publish faster by offloading more tasks to you, giving you even more stability with a long-term client!


Don’t let this list scare you off! Be honest about what you can and can’t do, or what you specialize in. I can accept multiple applications and you can grow into your role with training.

In an ideal world, here’s what you’d be able to help with (acronyms below):

3h/w Daily posts to social media (FB groups, Instagram, etc.) as groups allow

  • Share BF & SO group promos I’m part of 
  • Create and monitor author posts
  • Respond to comments/messages & contact the author when needed
  • When RH readers ask for recommendations in FB groups, reply to suggest author’s books (only as appropriate / as allowed)

1h/w Canva image creation

  • BF & SO group promo images to entice clicks — social media sizes & for my newsletter
  • Other images (upcoming sales, new releases, etc.) for newsletter & social media

2-3h/w Content calendar

  • Use and update social media and newsletter content planning sheet 
  • Plan upcoming social media campaigns, copywriting, and images
  • Plan upcoming newsletter campaigns and images (author will do most writing)
  • Reuse and schedule content across Patreon (1st), newsletter (2nd), blog (3rd), and social media
  • Note updates for approval by author

Some monthly tasks

  • Record monthly & quarterly milestones: follower counts, review counts, SO link clicks, reader magnet downloads, etc. 
  • Pull quotes from reader reviews on Amazon (international stores), GR, and BB
  • Update profit/loss sheets based on receipts for the month (end of month)

Some infrequent tasks

  • Paperback formatting using my Atticus account
  • Ebook formatting (various: ARCs, Patreon early release, final files, etc.)
  • Add ARCs to SO and BookSprout
  • Update MailerLite automations to reflect changes in series
  • Tracking and submitting book info to promo sites in advance of price drops
  • Add/update A+ content on Amazon

Other Things to Note

***Non-US applicants ONLY!*** I am a citizen of the United States of America, and I want you to help me “think outside the box” when promoting to a worldwide audience. I have made missteps before, and I need a different perspective to my own… 

As such, I understand that we may not be working in the same timezone, and that’s okay. I will want frequent updates, but it doesn’t have to be in realtime. 

I have many processes in place, but I’m also always open to ideas to improve/streamline our processes together. 


I’m always accepting applications, but I may not be in a position to train someone new, depending on my publication schedule.

So, feel free to apply, but also email me at author (.at.) to be sure I got your application and find out when I might be able to assign you some trial tasks.

Generally, it’s a 1-3 month trial period before I determine if we fit well together.


Use this Google Form to apply. Tell me what payment you expect, and we’ll discuss.


Depending on the role you take on, I hope you’ll be familiar with:

  • Reverse harem genre tropes and romance books more broadly so you can help me write emails and social media posts
  • BookFunnel
  • StoryOrigin
  • Goodreads (please mention if you are a Librarian!)
  • Bookbub
  • Atticus
  • WordPress
  • Canva or other image creation software
  • Google Drive, Sheets, Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook pages, groups, posts
  • Organization – you’ll need to follow my folder and file structure, date and file naming conventions, content calendar, planning & tracking system 


  • ARC = Advance Review Copy (give to readers for free prior to publication)
  • WP = WordPress
  • BF = BookFunnel, an author service
  • SO = StoryOrigin
  • FB = Facebook
  • GR = Goodreads
  • BB = Bookbub
  • RH = reverse harem, my subgenre of romance