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Jax, the sexy chef we all need and love

Some people think we read reverse harem because of the sex. 🍆🍆🍆

And we do, of course. 😉

But the fantasy goes way beyond just sex. 

Jax is Hudson’s Twin, Nico’s Ex, a Sweet Teleporter Vampire

How amazing would it be to have three guys totally devoted to your happiness?

Especially… if one of them is really good in the kitchen? 🥓🍳

But Jax is more than just a chef. He’s more than just Hudson’s sexy, scarred twin or Nico’s wounded, persistent ex.

He’s loyal, he’s caring, and he’s very, very perceptive.

He sees the pain between his brother and Mel won’t be fixed overnight, but he does everything he can to try to repair things between them. 🛠

Even though getting to know Mel also makes him want so much more with her…

But sometimes he has a hard time seeing what’s right in front of him, especially when it comes to the one who got away… Nico.

Will Nico finally make amends? Will we finally learn how Jax got that scar on his face?

No question goes unanswered in the finale! 💥

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