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Meet the Pack Alpha of the Rejected Wolf Pack

All about Gage

Gage is the pack alpha and he hates female wolves

It seems only fair that we begin with the pack alpha himself, Gage!

Please forgive me if this is not how you’ve been picturing him! 😂

Sometimes I’m rubbish at character descriptions, but this is who I’ve had in mind the whole time.

Gage was the first character from all of Rejected Wolf Pack to come to me.

And this bad boy’s got quite the backstory. Find out more about Gage here:

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What should I call the pack alphas all together?

Since Gage is the pack alpha, and Freya is his mate, that makes them the Alpha Pair leading the pack. 

But there are her other mates to consider as well… 

So what do you call an Alpha Quartet? (or Quintet 😉)Hop over to my Facebook group to vote in the fun poll! ✅

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