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Read Untamed Shifters BEFORE it’s published

Wow, Marked for the Pack has been out over a month now! 😱

Hard to believe Freya was marked for her pack of outcasts over a month ago… 😉

Read Marked for the Pack for 99c: Why Choose, wolf shifters, heat, fated mates, forced proximity

Thank you if you read the book during its launch month and took part! 🥰

You really helped me launch this one to the bright, full moon! 🚀

For authors, it can sometimes be hard before a series is complete to see if people like it. 

But guess what… I can tell you love this series! 😍 

Thanks for trusting me and reading along as I write it!

Ready to meet Freya’s fourth mate? 

Rejected Wolf Pack Untamed Shifters cover shows a black wolf

Untamed Shifters features tons of chapters from Rowan’s point of view. 🌔

Watch as Rowan sees Freya for the first time… and see what Freya thinks when his wolf goes absolutely wild to protect her. 

You can read Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3 BEFORE it’s published in July! 🤯

As a member of my Patreon community, you can read nearly the entire book right now! 

I post chapters as I write them for my Patreon members to grab hot off the press. 🥰

And yes, I’m almost to the end…

Or… you can join my reader team to give me feedback on the rough draft and get your name in the Acknowledgments for all time! 😍

Your input later this month could shape the wolf pack forever, improving this book for everyone. 🤩

Find out more about either option below: 

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