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Wolf shifter MM poll: Share your opinion!

Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2 hints at Heath’s feelings

Gage would never reciprocate my feelings for him. I’d seen him brutally reject male wolves who came onto him. I wasn’t foolish enough to think I’d get a different result if I made the same mistake.

But what if Heath was wrong? What if Gage eventually realized those feelings were mutual? 

What if one day, Gage welcomed Heath’s affections? 💖

YOU can help shape their destinies.

Hop over to my Facebook group to vote in the fun poll! ✅

Plus, you can decide if it’s not just MM between Gage and Heath… but all the alphas 😏

Maybe you’ll see your dream come true later in the series!

Try this tasty RH buffet

There’s even cheese on the menu… 😂

I’ve enjoyed books by all these authors, and I bet you will, too!

Blood Claimed Shadowsend Vampire Clan

Steamy enemies to lovers RH

She rejected him to save everyone. Now she’s forced into a magical mating, but will the men she loves ever forgive her?

Why Cheese? by Ellen Mint

Hilarious cheese-shifter RH

Cheese-shifters need her help, but one hides a dangerous secret. Will love & trust melt, or will their hearts curdle forever?

Cursed in Love

Spicy treasure hunting magical RH

Victory requires a champion, but finding true love in the midst of the games might prove impossible. Can she conquer the games with both her heart and magic intact?

Nightworld Academy

Slow burn YA/NA academy RH

Thrown into a magical academy, a witch with visions finds herself drawn towards a captivating shifter, a brooding vampire, and a mysterious professor.

Spring Fling

Are you ready for a Spring Fling?

Unleash fiery passion and embrace otherworldly love in a paranormal or fantasy setting this spring!

Weres, witches, vamps, fae & shifters await you!

Escape into sizzling love stories with a supernatural twist that will ignite your imagination and emotions.

Happily Ever After with Multiple Men

Feel your pulse quicken as hearts intertwine, leading you to the happily ever after promised in these steamy Why Choose paranormal romances.

I hope you found a delicious book or two to devour! Don’t forget to answer the MM poll.

 I’m waiting on pins and needles for your input on the future of our wolf shifter pack! 😘

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