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Bound to the Vampires: Complete RH trilogy!

Find out about the books as well as behind-the-scenes secrets here…

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The standalone Demon Hunter Academy is the first book in this universe, chronologically. All main characters are in their 20s in the standalone novel with HEA.

Bound to the Vampires is a steamy reverse harem trilogy set after the events of Demon Hunter Academy. You’ll meet Mel in the epilogue of that standalone RH book.

Nimue, the female main character from Demon Hunter Academy, becomes Mel’s mentor in Bound to the Vampires. All main characters are in their 30s & 40s in the trilogy. Nimue and her coven will appear repeatedly throughout the trilogy.

You can read the steamy standalone prequel before or after the trilogy to meet Mel’s mentor when she was just a student.

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First, remember these pronunciations:

Nimue Flidais is pronounced NIM-way FLIH-dish
Rigel: RAI-jel (first part like rye, second part like gel)
Lantos: LAN-toas (first part like land without the d, second part like toast without the final t)
Fox should be self-explanatory!

Many of the names and surnames used in this world are inspired by the Salem witch trials. Since witches and humans can’t intermingle, I also decided that witch surnames might deviate from regular human ones over time, and they would tend to choose their own surnames from famous witches or mythology, especially deities who were hunters.

The main character’s coven is named after the Celtic goddess of the hunt, Flidais.
She is named after the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legends, Nimue.

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Take a quick peek at the important events in the witch calendar and types of magic from this world. For even more, read the Grimoire!

There are four festivals all witches celebrate throughout the year:

Imbolc (IM-bulk) is February 1
Halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, Imbolc heralds the change in seasons. It celebrates children who recently conjured their wands for the first time. It’s a coming of age ceremony with symbolic lighting of lamps and overnight celebrations.

Beltane (BEL-tayn) is May 1
Halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, Beltane represents the end of the dark months of winter. It’s also a time of graduation and the end of the school year for demon hunter academies. Solo witches without covens can choose new surnames of their own. It’s a celebration of magic itself with flowers and bonfires.

Lughnasa (LOO-nah-sah) is Aug. 1
Halfway between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox, this is when existing covens renew their oaths to their coven-mates, new covens officially form and take the same surname, and the school year for demon hunter academies begins.

Samhain (SOW-win) Nov. 1
Halfway between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, Samhain is when witches gather to remember the dead, paying special honor to those killed by demons.

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Here’s an overview of the magic from this world. For even more info, read the Grimoire!

All witches wield three different types of magic:

Innate magic is a type of magic witches can cast from their own innate magical reserves, granting them abilities like elemental magic, stronger senses, healing, telekinesis, or telepathy. Innate magic is usually limited to being used on or around the caster.

Arcane magic requires the use of magic circles and sigils to invoke its power. Clairvoyance, illusions, warding, and restoration magic are some examples of arcane magic. The ritualistic preparation often enables witches to cast magic on a larger scale than innate magic. For example, while an innate teleporter can only transport themselves, an arcane teleporter can transport many others.

Manifestation magic enables all witches to conjure wands, weapons, or other tools from the ether. While demon hunters often conjure a wide variety of weapons, other witches use their manifestation magic to help with their professions and hobbies.

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Read more about witch culture, magical abilities, demon hunter ranks, and demon types in the Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum.

This textbook is required reading for all Demon Hunter Academy students who hope to survive the Infernal Rending. Read it before, after, or during Bound to the Vampires or its standalone prequel, Demon Hunter Academy!

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