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Meet the most protective of the pack

All about Flint

Flint is the pack problem solver, and is protective and loyal

Lots of readers of Protected by Outcasts tell me that Flint is their favorite. 

What about you? 

When I first dreamed up the concept of the Deal 🥁 where Gage demands Freya’s body in exchange for his pack’s protection, I envisioned 3-4 alphas waiting, watching hungrily for Freya’s answer. 

With the way Gage challenged Freya outright, I felt she needed someone who would be on her side from the start. 

Someone who never questioned his feelings for her. 

An alpha deeply in touch with his wolf spirit. That’s why I decided to make him a Native American. 

Thus, Flint was born. 

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What readers are saying about this enemies-to-lovers RH series

“Love love love” – Sharae on Goodreads

“Loved All of the Main Characters! Mel is adaptable and strong. Hudson is Mel’s lost love. Jackson is his sweet, loving twin. Nico is a huge beefy bodyguard.” – Samantha on Goodreads

“Magic, enemies to lovers, why choose, 2nd chance romance…..a bit of everything” – Bianca on Goodreads 

“I love 💕 Mel this is so well written. And I’m excited for more!” – Dawn M on Goodreads

“All of the MMCs are vampires with unique personalities and two of them are still keeping secrets, especially Nico. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book.” – Jennifer on Amazon

Book 2 is hereBook 3 is here

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