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Iā€™m Traci Lovelot, and I write fantasy/paranormal romance books featuring polyamorous Why Choose relationship styles where our leading lady gets her Happily Ever After with all her guys. Because why choose? šŸ˜‰ For more info, keep scrolling!

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Join me on Patreon. Read work-in-progress rough draft chapters as I write them. - Traci Lovelot

Join the Patreon to read new chapters as I write them and get the ebook weeks or months before it’s published to Amazon! You can still read it on your Kindle or any device you want.

Find out about all the books!

Find out about all the bonus content!

Read Our Fae Queen, a COMPLETE RH series, starting with this 3-book box set!

Our Fae Queen Volume I Box Set (Books 1-3) cover shows a dying tree of life with leaves falling from gray limbs

In Our Fae Queen, Glori must magically bond with five consorts (one of each Fae kind) to revive the ancient Tree of Life to save Fae magic.

Join Glori and her Fae warriors as they race to stop the Unseelie before the Day of Darkness.

I couldn’t do it without my Patreon True Loves!

Special thanks to my True Loves for helping me keep this site running!

In search of assistants!

I’m always on the lookout for people who’d like to join my team and work a few hours per week. Author’s assistants, title controllers, content calendar managers… There’s usually room for more!

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