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Welcome to the digital home of Traci Lovelot

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Welcome to my digital home

I’m so glad you made it! 🤗

I’m Traci Lovelot, and I write paranormal romance and fantasy romance books featuring reverse harem relationship styles. If that’s your jam, I’d really love for you to join my reader team below to help me keep writing what you want to read!

Read my prequel novella FREE

book cover for The Lost Queen, a Fae Queendom Prequel Novella

Glori has always been an outcast thanks to her pointy ears, her too-tall height, and the weird way that technology always short-circuits around her. But that was before she found out she’s destined to become queen of the Fae!

Can she find a place to belong among the Fae when there’s still so much she doesn’t understand? Like how she’s supposed to help the Fae regain their long-lost magic… Or how five consorts are involved?

Glori will build her harem across this slow-burn RH series. Read the prequel novella to see two of Glori’s future consorts first discover their Fae magic!

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As part of my reader team, you’ll get to read my new reverse harem series FREE

In exchange, all I ask is your honest feedback to make the books better before I publish them.

That’s right, you’ll be getting in on the ground floor to shape the future of my author career. You’ll be one of the first ones to ever read this series, and you’ll have a hand in making it better for all the readers who come after. 😉

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