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Books by Traci Lovelot

Updated 26 April 2024

The Rejected Wolf Pack series has begun!

Rejected by my fated mate. Exiled and unable to shift. And I’m going into heat thanks to the mate bond…

Three fierce, rogue alphas are all that stand between me and certain death in the dangerous wilderness. They offer me the safety of their pack, but in return, I must give them something they crave. 

They demand I share my heat with them, paying for their protection with the only thing I can offer… 

My body.

No matter how much my hidden wolf longs to join their pack, I can’t trust them or their intentions. And they can’t trust me or my secrets. There are things about my past even I don’t know.

None of that matters, though. What these alphas want, they get. And right now, that’s me.

Protected by Outcasts is available on Amazon and KU. Wolf Shifters. Claiming bites. Touch her and die. Rejected by her fated mate. Exiled and in heat. Forced proximity. Growly, possessive alphas who like to watch.

Rejected Wolf Pack is a steamy wolf shifter paranormal romance featuring a half-breed whose fated mate rejects her. This high heat series contains a hint of dubcon and a lot of danger. By the end of this reverse harem series, Freya will bring all her alphas to heel to get her happily ever after.

Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1: Protected by Outcasts and Book 2, Marked for the Pack, are available NOW on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited! Book 3 arrives August 1.

Can you survive the demon invasion?

Bound to the Vampires is a steamy RH trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic world

A dangerous mission forces me to team up with my worst enemies… Three seductive vampires. 

I’ve spent years hunting their kind, dedicated to their extinction. Yet here I am, suddenly using my magic alongside theirs. It makes my blood quicken… just maybe not for the reasons I expected.

When allies turn into enemies, and my irresistible enemies become more than just allies, I’m left with only one decision: 

Will I bind myself to the very vampires I once swore to destroy?

A Match Made in Hell is the first book of the complete trilogy, Bound to the Vampires, a steamy paranormal romance where the men will fight to earn her love, and she will choose them all.

The series has been updated with new titles and covers, but the content is the same.

Demon Hunter Academy, a steamy RH standalone, prequel to Bound to the Vampires

At the Demon Hunter Academy, a witch’s worth comes from her magic and her demon fighting prowess.

But when I lose everything in one day – my family, my arm, and my magic – I also lose all hope of graduating this term.

Three daring men rally behind me: the sensual healer who saves my life, my seductive college classmate, and our tempting professor who helps me reclaim my lost magic.

Their powers complement my own, and I find each one irresistible in his own unique way.

But when the infernal realm claws its way deeper into our world, no one is safe. We must band together if we hope to defeat the next demonic incursion.

Are these three men bold enough to join my coven and stand with me against hell itself?

Demon Hunter Academy is a steamy standalone paranormal academy romance. This book’s main characters make appearances throughout Bound to the Vampires, a complete trilogy.

Read the steamy standalone prequel, Demon Hunter Academy, before OR after Bound to the Vampire, an RH trilogy set in the same world!

Our Fae Queen, a poly-themed complete RH series

When my magic suddenly awakens and uninvited guests crash my birthday party, the Fae royal guard saves me… And kidnaps me.

These irresistible, protective Fae want to whisk me away to their enchanted realm. A world that’s fading without its queen — me. 

To save the Tree of Life and Fae magic, I’ll need to claim five consorts, one of each Fae kind: 

A tall, ancient Elf. A powerful, charming Kitsune. A bookish, reclusive Duwende. A moody but magnetic Veela. And a playful, flirtatious Nixie.

Until my birthday, I thought I was human, and I had no idea magic is real. To make matters worse, not everyone wants me to take the throne — and the enemy is hunting me.

Instead of graduating college, it’s time to discover if an inexperienced young Fae like me can really save a world I never knew existed.

No pressure, right? 

Complete fantasy series shows both covers

Our Fae Queen is a deliciously slow-burn, steamy fantasy romance with a reluctant queen and slow-build relationships spanning the series. Spice level, M/M content, and poly themes increase as this new adult series progresses. Our leading lady will bond with five Fae consorts by the end.

Start the series with Volume 1 (books 1-3)!

Then read the final three books with Volume 2 (books 4-6)!

View all Our Fae Queen books on or on Goodreads

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