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Freebies from Traci Lovelot

Traci loves showering her fans with fun freebies. Here’s what you can expect with Traci Lovelot’s email updates. Sign up below!

Freebies currently available to Traci Lovelot subscribers

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  • 🐺Read The Dark Wolf the Rejected Wolf Pack bonus epilogue. Meet the fourth alpha of the Howling Echo pack.
  • 🌔 The Rejected Wolf Pack RH novella with happily ever after, Snowed in with Shifters
  • 🥵 A steamy threesome, an orgasmic vampire bite, and a sweet and sexy bonus epilogue in Bound to the Vampires Bonus Collection
  • 🎂 A steamy birthday spanking bonus chapter from Demon Hunter Academy
  • 😈 Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum, required reading for all Demon Hunter Academy students! (read it before, after, or while reading IRU books)
  • 😮 Never-before-published deleted scenes from The Lost Queen
  • 🔥 Steamy Our Fae Queen bonus chapters from the guys’ perspectives
  • 🥰 The sweet and sexy bonus epilogue to Our Fae Queen, a complete RH series!
  • 🐅 The Fae Encyclopedia and Bestiary (read it before, after, or while reading OFQ books)
  • 🧝‍♀️ What Kind of Fae Are You? fun personality quiz

Freebies coming soon to Traci Lovelot subscribers

  • More bonus chapters with Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2 and beyond!
  • ARCs and chances to read all Traci Lovelot books early
  • Chances to get signed book plates with the author’s autograph
  • Chances to win Amazon gift cards and other prizes (open internationally!)
  • Plus other goodies along the way (Ideas welcome!)

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