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About Traci’s Reader Team

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Best of all, you’ll read Traci Lovelot books FREE 🤫 before anybody else even knows they exist.

Awesome readers like you are the secret sauce to creating amazing books! 😘

YOU can help make Traci Lovelot’s books the best they can be and help shape entire worlds for future readers!

More info below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions below. Hit the up arrow to jump back up here afterward.

This page was last updated: 15th July 2024

🤔 What do I get if I join Traci’s Reader Team?

Good question! You get:

  • To read my books FREE
  • To read them before they’re published
  • Secret info about my writing and publishing process
  • My undying gratitude for your insightful feedback
  • The opportunity to shape the future of my published books and of my author career
  • During feedback phases, you’ll get your name in the Acknowledgments of each book you give feedback on
  • To find out when Traci’s ARC Angels opens again to read advance review copies the week before publication! Learn more below
Untamed Shifters (Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3) by Traci Lovelot book cover shows one huge black wolf protecting a woman with three other wolves in the background

Plus, you’re getting in on the ground level, and will totally have bragging rights over everyone who comes after.

With your help, I’m going to make my books take off, and everyone who sees your name in the Acknowledgements will know you are one of the first who ever saw this series come to life!

So be sure to volunteer when I need feedback!

🤔 Why do you want me on the team?

Because YOU love reverse harem, right? You hate love triangles as much as I do!!!

Why else? Well…

For your insights 💭

I know my books aren’t perfect. With your input, I hope to gain your insights and the inspiration to know how to make these storylines even better.

For the encouragement 🥂

Knowing a book needs a ton of revisions can be overwhelming! It’s helpful to have readers who remind me that the book will be better for these changes.

For the companionship 🤗

Being an author is a lonely business, spending all morning alone at a desk. Any chance to talk to other people is wonderful, and I really appreciate your friendly feedback!

🕐 What can I read right now?

As a member of Traci’s Reader Team, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on an early draft of Rejected Wolf Pack #3 next!

The ARC team is currently closed, but you can join Traci’s Reader Team to be the first to know if any slots open up!

I like using 💛 StoryOrigin 💛 because they help me gather feedback during rough-draft feedback phases. With ARCs, they will remind you when it’s time to review the book, so you don’t forget. You’ll need to create a free account. More info here.

Free books in exchange for your feedback or your review! Not bad. 

🤔 How can I read a FREE Advance Review Copy before a book comes out?

In 2024, Traci’s ARC Angels is closed for Rejected Wolf Pack #3 and beyond. TAA is a smaller part of Traci’s Reader Team. You can be on both.

Join Traci’s Reader Team to be the first to know if any ARC Angel slots open up!

Rejected Wolf Pack series graphic highlighting Book 3: Untamed Shifters by Traci Lovelot. Showing covers one, two and three of the series which have huge alpha wolves and the female main character, Freya.

Find out more about Traci’s ARC Angels here:

🤩 If I got an ARC before, do I need to apply again?

If you received an ARC of Rejected Wolf Pack #1, congrats, you’re one of Traci’s ARC Angels, and you’ll receive ARCs of the later books as well.

ARCs are currently closed, so only the team who got Book 1 ARCs will receive later books.

Join Traci’s Reader Team to find out when ARC Angel slots become available!

📚 What books has Traci Lovelot published so far?

Why Choose Romances you can sink your teeth into by Traci Lovelot include Our Fae Queen, Demon Hunter Academy, Bound to the Vampires, and Rejected Wolf Pack

Visit the books page to learn more about any of these books!

🤔 What’s the correct reading order?

Rejected Wolf Pack is a separate universe from any of the other Traci Lovelot series, and must be read in order starting with Book 1.

Snowed in with Shifters is a standalone novella set in the Rejected Wolf Pack world at the same time as Book 1, but you can read it before or after any Rejected Wolf Pack books.

Since Demon Hunter Academy is a standalone, you can read it before or after Bound to the Vampires. Chronologically, DHA takes place two decades before the Bound to the Vampires trilogy begins.

Our Fae Queen is a totally separate universe with a continuous storyline, and should be read in order from Book 1 to Book 6.

🤔 What do you need from me?

As part of my team, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in every part of the process:

  • providing me with your input on my rough drafts in StoryOrigin
  • the chance to read final ebooks before publication as ARCs (Advance Review Copies)
  • sending me typos anytime you find them, even if it’s after publication at author (at)

On those rough drafts in StoryOrigin, what I need most are your impressions. If I could ride along with you and read your mind as you looked at the story, I’d know exactly what needs fixed. But I’m no mind reader!

So tell me what confused you or where you got bored. Tell me when the characters are too stupid to live! Once I have your feedback, I can decide how to make the story even better.

For the rough draft phase, I’ll ask you exactly how you’d like your name to appear in the Acknowledgments of the ebook and printed book when I publish it. I know sometimes people do/don’t want their last name, prefer a nickname, or want a middle initial. 

As for the ARCs, the books should be in good shape by then, and I’d love an honest review!

(Unfortunately, due to publication timing, ARC readers’ names won’t appear in the Acknowledgements.)

📃 Can you show me example feedback?

If you’re reading one of my rough drafts in StoryOrigin, honestly answering a few of these questions will help me improve the books!

  • What’s working? What isn’t?
  • What makes you want to keep reading?
  • What throws you out of the story?
  • Do the characters’ actions and thoughts ring true?
  • Are the characters interesting?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • Did you notice any inconsistencies? (eye color, height, etc.)

Using StoryOrigin, I’ll ask you a question or two after each chapter to get your input. It’s free to signup so you can go ahead and join StoryOrigin!

Here are examples of the type of feedback I’d appreciate:

  • The big battle felt anticlimactic for me. It was too easy.
  • Ricton is always angry at everything. It gets old by Chapter 6.
  • I don’t understand why Sora reacted this way.
  • Every time I see a chapter from Ricton’s point of view, I feel bored and wish I could skip ahead to a Sora chapter.
  • I thought Sora’s special powers let her do A, but instead she did B in this scene. This wasn’t well explained.

Impressions are also helpful, because they let me peek into your head and understand whether or not I’m revealing information quickly enough in the story. A few examples:

  • I understand that Sora’s special powers let her do this and this, so I bet that will become important in later chapters.
  • I totally agree with Ricton’s anger at Sora in this chapter!
  • I think this detail is foreshadowing and will be important sometime later.
  • I’m really loving the scenery through here.
  • I’m dying to know what happens next!
  • This chapter was so spicy hot, but I hope Ricton tells her about his secret soon!

With your help, I want to make these books the best they can be before I publish them!

😬 What if I have some bad news?

Like that you think the story is boring, clichéd, and stupid? If it’s really that bad, this book may just not be for you, especially if you don’t usually read paranormal / fantasy romance or reverse harem.

But if you’ve noticed a major problem with the book and aren’t sure how to give me the disappointing news, here are some suggestions:

  • Soften the bad news with some good news
  • Avoid sounding like you’re critiquing the author personally (in other words, avoid saying “you”) — instead say something like “I prefer” or “I felt”
  • Avoid exclamation points! or ALL CAPS
  • Use tactful phrasing: I noticed, to me it seemed like, you might consider, have you thought about, possibly, maybe, I prefer
  • Avoid phrases like: you need to, you have to, you must, you shouldn’t, you can’t, don’t, never, always

For more advice on giving bad news and being tactful, visit this page. (Note: It’s not on my site.)

What if you need to quit?

If you can’t finish a book because life gets in the way, that’s okay, just let me know as soon as you can. And if you’re still interested in reading future books for me, I’ll press pause until next time by keeping you as part of the team until you’re ready to get back in action.

🧐 Deadlines? What deadlines?

All things come in time. Although I publish myself, that doesn’t mean I don’t have deadlines. I have a publishing schedule to keep on track with everything I’ve promised my readers.

I’ll expect you to keep as close to my deadlines as you can, so that I have time to revise based on your feedback before publication.

The deadline to read one of my books as a member of my team is 1 week. Yes, 7 days!

If you’re involved in the feedback phase, your name will appear in the print and ebook Acknowledgments of any of the books you finished!

(Unfortunately, due to publication timing, ARC readers’ names won’t appear in the Acknowledgements.)

See a more detailed timeline below.

🤔 What’s this about StoryOrigin?

StoryOrigin is an amazing service that lets authors and readers interact in lots of great ways.

StoryOrigin manages Review Copies to deliver ARCs a week before publication. It’ll let you type up your review while it’s fresh in your mind. Then it’ll notify you when I publish my book, and you can copy/paste your review from StoryOrigin into Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub!

Another of my favorite StoryOrigin features is Beta Copies, where you can read rough drafts of my books and give input during the feedback phases of my writing process.

Here’s what StoryOrigin’s Beta Copies lets you do:

  • Apply for access to each book
  • Give overall feedback on each of my chapters
  • Give comments on individual lines, sentences, words, typos, etc.
  • Answer my questions between chapters

What’s great about this is that I can see where you are in the beta copy of the book so I don’t have to keep bugging you like, “Are you done yet?”

There ARE deadlines. If you give your feedback on the entire book, your name will appear in the final, published Acknowledgments!

Log in to StoryOrigin and go to the beta copies page to give me your feedback.

🤔 What’s this about BookFunnel?

BookFunnel is an awesome service that allows me to send you secret codes or links so you can download books and bonus content to whatever device you prefer. Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll send a new book to you using BookFunnel.
  • You’ll use the code to download it or beam it directly to your ereader, Kindle, tablet, smartphone, or other app or device of choice.
  • You’ll send typos to me via email.

I’ll email you more detailed instructions once you join the Reader Team.

🙋‍♀️ Can I share or discuss the book with other people?

No, everything I send you must remain confidential. You shouldn’t divulge any story situations, characters, or plot points.

Why not?

Let’s say I heavily revise the novel based on reader feedback, but you or someone else publicly mentioned details that I significantly changed. Future readers of the final published version would get really confused, because those details may have changed, characters may no longer exist or new characters may be added, whole cities may disappear, etc.

It’s just confusing to someone who never read the draft you helped me revise.

To be clear, no one has my permission to share these files with anyone else. These books are exclusive to Traci’s Reader Team ONLY.

What you CAN say

If you’re excited about the story, definitely share that! Also, feel free to tell people you’re a reader for me, and if they’re interested, send them here! They can sign up to read for free, too.

Talking to other readers

Please turn in your feedback and wait until after the deadline BEFORE talking to other readers about that particular chapter. That way, your review isn’t biased. I’d rather get your uncontaminated and fresh impression.

For instance, if you think Ricton is angry for no reason in this chapter, and then you talk to another reader. They tell you Ricton’s angry because Sora’s more powerful than him. So then you decide not to mention that you were confused. But what if I intended for readers to think that Ricton’s actually angry about his father?

📅 What’s the timing?

Dates are ALWAYS subject to change!

  • Join the team, and you’ll be the first to know when the rough draft of the next Rejected Wolf Pack book is ready to read.
  • Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3’s beta round is closed — too late, sorry!
  • The rough draft of Rejected Wolf Pack Book 4 will need your feedback in September or October.
  • And, of course, I’ll email you when the books are released so you can brag to everyone that you read it before they did! 😏

Join below to read Traci Lovelot books free and early!

☺ Okay! I’ll join the team. Where do I sign up?

Yay! Please fill out this form to join Traci’s Reader Team!

If you have any questions not addressed on this page, feel free to email me at author (at)

😭 What if I’m missing a book I should have received?

Just email me at author (at) and I’ll make sure you get it. Sometimes my mail bunnies don’t do what they’re supposed to!

Thanks for joining me in 2024!

You can read more about my reader team, see frequently asked questions, and get a preview of the type of feedback I need above.

Thanks for joining Traci’s ARC Angels in 2024!

Traci’s ARC Angels (TAA) is a smaller group inside of Traci’s Reader Team (TRT).

You can read frequently asked questions about the team by hitting this button.

Thanks for agreeing not to share my books or details about the plot with other people!

You can read more about the team and the type of feedback I’d like you to send me above.