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Rejected Wolf Pack Untamed Shifters cover shows a black wolf

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Amazing dark omegaverse and reverse harems

These dark delights will have you up late tonight… 😏

Steamy enemies to lovers wolf shifter RH

Imprisoned by these wolves, my voice falters. Can love thaw their frozen hearts, or am I a mere plaything in their savage war?

Humorous Silver Springs RH romance

Nightmares show her the dark side of love, a warning. Three mysterious men offer answers… but can she trust them?

Dark and gritty omegaverse collection

The alphas in these stories give it hard and rough, just the way you crave. Are you scared of the dark? Because it’s going to to claim you. Whether you like it or not.

Complete paranormal RH series in one box set!

Rent-free NYC mansion with 5 hot guys? Sounds perfect… until destiny strikes. She is the Raven Queen and these guardians might not be here to help, but to claim her!

I’m so thrilled you’re here to see the rise of my new wolf shifter series! Long live the Rejected Wolf Pack!

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