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Hudson is the leader of their misfit crew

Hudson is Jax’s Twin, Mel’s Ex, a Passionate Leader & a Vampire

Hudson is also the one who got away…

He’s dedicated, has a strong sense of right and wrong, and wants to see vampires treated well instead of being hunted down by witches like Mel.

For some reason, they don’t get along. 😅

Hudson and Mel went to Demon Hunter Academy together. 😈

He learned how to use his elemental fire and wind magic, while she trained with her lightning and telekinesis.

They got to know each other and fell in love. 💕

But just before graduation, he mysteriously disappeared, leaving nothing more than a note.

In Book 1, you’ll find out why he left, and why he never contacted Mel ever again… 🤯

Until now, that is!

Can they resolve their differences and work together? 💥

Mel’s Vampire Coven concludes in May, but you can read it now!

Mel's Vampire Coven Book 3: Taming Old Flames cover shows Mel holding a flaming sword with a rune circle behind her

They’ll need to level up if they have any hope of closing the portal to the infernal realm! 🔥

Find out how Mel makes this vampire coven even stronger. 🩸

At long last, these four find a place to belong… together! The finale is packed with threesomes and unrestrained coven lust. 😏

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Mel ~|~ Hudson ~|~ Jax ~|~ Nico

Published inBound to the Vampires