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Bound to the Vampires bonus content

Find out about all the bonus content from the steamy RH trilogy right here!

But first… have you read the books?

Table of Contents

Jump to each one to learn how you can get…

The Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum of the Infernal Rending Universe, a guidebook for demon hunters and vampire hunters alike!

The Bonus Collection, which features ALL the bonus chapters: Love Bites, Mistaken Identity, The Middleman, and Home Sweet Home from Mel’s Vampire Coven.

Plus… How to request more bonus content

The Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum

The Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum is now available to everyone — FREE!

Pick up the Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum, where you’ll learn all about your magic, how to kill demons and vampires, and how to survive in the Infernal Rending Universe…

This companion booklet describes in great detail all the demons from Demon Hunter Academy and Mel’s Vampire Coven.

Download it from BookFunnel, who will help you get the ebook on your device.

The Bonus Collection

This bonus collection includes all four of the spicy Bound to the Vampire bonus chapters!

Start by immersing yourself in Bound to the Vampires trilogy before diving into the tantalizing bonus collection filled with sizzling encounters from different perspectives!

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What’s inside the bonus collection

Love Bites is a scorching bonus from A Match Made in Hell, where Mel encounters her first orgasmic vampire bite. Prepare yourself for the undeniable truth: vampire bites offer irresistibly intense pleasure to witches!

Mistaken Identity shares a captivating scene from A Match Made in Hell, where Mel finds herself in a mix-up, accidentally confusing the twins. One of them is her old flame, while the other exudes the same sizzling charm but without the weight of the past. See what happens when Mel doesn’t realize it’s the other twin…

The Middleman returns us to Book 2, To Hell and Back. Brace yourself for a tantalizing threesome scene. Step into the shoes of the person in the middle and savor the seductive intensity…

Home Sweet Home: Step into the heart of the home! Join the coven as they joyously break in their brand-new kitchen, indulging in a scrumptious sweet dessert! This is the series bonus epilogue.

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