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About Traci Lovelot

Traci Lovelot is an author of multiple polyamorous, woman-centered Why Choose style fantasy/paranormal romance series.

Traci Lovelot is my pen name. Born and raised in a small town, I never moved farther than 60 miles away from all of my closest family until after age 16.

📖 My mother frequently took me on library trips, where I would devour books that were way too old for me. Reading was my favorite pastime as a child, so much so that I would get in trouble for reading during classes!

🏫 Before becoming an author, I worked as a waitress, a prep cook, a clerk at a law office, the admin at an all girls’ college admissions office, and as a data entry clerk at an insurance company.

😬 When the recession hit in 2008, I learned what it was like to live on unemployment checks doing part-time work where I could find it.

🤗 Fortune favored me a few years later when I found full-time work with great benefits. But it still wasn’t enough for me.

📝 Ever since I wrote my first story at age 10, I’ve wanted nothing more than to make a living as an author. That’s still my dream, and I’m actively pursuing it.

🌎 I now travel the world to save on expenses while also going adventuring to refill my imagination. My polyamorous partners have other partners, and while I miss them and they miss me, we make it work!

🥰 While reverse harem isn’t quite what ethical polyamory is all about, I hope that my stories will intrigue and captivate you, just as the first few RH books captured my heart.

😘 RH is what first propelled me to learn whether anything like polyamory might actually be possible and started me down the path of learning more about the philosophy and lifestyle of ethical non-monogamy.

Read the Afterword to my first ever RH series, Our Fae Queen, for more info!

Thanks for stopping by my digital home. I’d love to hear from you. What was the first reverse harem book you ever read?

Email me at author (at@) and let’s chat!

Let your curiosity guide you, and never be afraid to chase your dreams. 😍

Happy reading!
Traci Lovelot

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