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Demon Hunter Academy (standalone RH)

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Demon Hunter Academy: a standalone reverse harem

Demons devoured Nimue’s coven and took her magic. Now she lives for vengeance.

Three men will help her give the demons a proper reckoning: a cute healer who helps her survive her wounds, a playful professor who crafts her a new prosthetic arm, and a sexy but unavailable classmate who tutors her in the magic lessons she missed.

As they aid her in their own ways, she begins falling for them all. But when the infernal realm claws its way deeper into their world, no one is safe.

Nimue vows to destroy the demons who killed her family… But can she avenge her old coven while protecting the new one?

Mature audiences only: Steamy reverse harem, multiple consensual romantic relationships, M/M action, and polyamory themes.

Note: Death of family members, traumatic injury, and sudden disability occur in Chapter Two.

All main characters are 20-24 years old.

Demon Hunter Academy is a steamy standalone paranormal romance set before the trilogy, Mel’s Vampire Coven. Meet Mel’s mentor when she was just a student!

They’re both part of the Infernal Rending Universe. All IRU books are reverse harem with polyamory themes. More books to come in this world, but DHA is the first!

Published to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on July 21, 2022!

Demon Hunter Academy (a Standalone Reverse Harem Novel by Traci Lovelot) cover shows woman casting magic with a prosthetic arm

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The Infernal Rending Universe

I have lots of RH books planned in this universe, but Demon Hunter Academy is the first, chronologically. Nim becomes Mel’s mentor in her trilogy, set later and called Bound to the Vampires. All the characters will be in their 30s & 40s in the trilogy.

Read the steamy standalone before or after the trilogy, Bound to the Vampires, to meet Mel’s mentor when she was just a student. Find out how Nimue lost her arm and gained a coven in Demon Hunter Academy, a standalone paranormal romance set in the Infernal Rending universe.

Nim and her coven will appear again in Bound to the Vampires trilogy.

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