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The Lost Queen

The Lost Queen

 Find out if an inexperienced young Fae like me can really save a world I never knew existed.



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About the Book

When my magic suddenly awakens and uninvited guests crash my birthday party, the Fae royal guard saves me… And kidnaps me.

These irresistible, protective Fae want to whisk me away to their enchanted realm. A world that’s fading without its queen — me.

To save the Tree of Life and Fae magic, I’ll need to bond with five consorts, one of each Fae kind:

A tall, ancient Elf. A powerful, charming Kitsune. A playful, flirtatious Nixie. A bookish, reclusive Duwende. And a moody but magnetic Veela.

Until my birthday, I thought I was human, and I had no idea magic is real. To make matters worse, not everyone wants me to take the throne — and the enemy is hunting me.

Instead of graduating college, it’s time to find out if an inexperienced young Fae like me can really save a world I never knew existed.

No pressure, right?


Our Fae Queen is a deliciously slow-burn, steamy fantasy romance with a reluctant queen and slow-build relationships spanning the series. Spice level, M/M content, and poly themes increase as this new adult series progresses. Our leading lady will bond with five Fae consorts by the end.

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What do readers love about this debut novel?

Glori is very relatable. She isn’t just the perfect heir, she is unsure and overwhelmed. I look forward to seeing Glori grow into the Queen she will become. – Aubrey on

If you love Auryn Hadley you will love this series – Lyn Lyn on

I think I found my new favorite author. – Annalisa on


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Series: Our Fae Queen, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy Romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Polyamorous, Reverse Harem, Why Choose
Tag: Fae
Publisher: Worldbinding Books
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 95,500 words / 368 pages
ISBN: 9798567096499
About the Author
Traci Lovelot

Addicted to stories without love triangles, Traci Lovelot writes reverse harem fantasy romance books where our leading lady lives happily ever after... with ALL the guys. Because why choose? Her characters love without limits in fantasy worlds that overlap ours. As a polyamorous person herself, Traci spends her non-writing time with her small polycule.