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Bound to the Queen

Bound to the Queen

I never wanted to be queen. But I won’t let just anyone take my place. Or my men.

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About the Book

To defeat the Unseelie, our allies need their long-lost magic, and that means someone has to become queen. I had to leave both of my lovers behind in the human realm, and I can’t return to them until I find someone worthy of the throne.

Of course, nothing is ever easy, and I embark on a desperate plan to save the Fae by helping my fellow heir. Along the way, I’m drawn to another potential lover, even though we both know he should be off-limits.

To become queen, Una needs one final consort, and she chooses one of my handsome, powerful guards. Suddenly, I’m not willing to surrender him.

But who am I to stand in the way of our future queen?


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Note: 18+ only.

In the six-book Our Fae Queen RH series, Glori will find limitless love with multiple Fae. Steamy group scenes in later books involve M/M but always include Glori. All intimate encounters are consensual.

Mayhem. Magic. Romance. Expect unusual shapeshifters, new love and friendships, surprising betrayal, and two uncertain heirs finding their way in Bound to the Queen. The exciting third book of this new adult Why Choose romance series marks a turning point for Glori.


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Series: Our Fae Queen, Book 3
Genres: Fantasy Romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Polyamorous, Reverse Harem, Why Choose
Tag: Fae
Publisher: Worldbinding Books
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: B099NP4H31
ISBN: 9798515911867
About the Author
Traci Lovelot

Addicted to stories without love triangles, Traci Lovelot writes reverse harem fantasy romance books where our leading lady lives happily ever after... with ALL the guys. Because why choose? Her characters love without limits in fantasy worlds that overlap ours. As a polyamorous person herself, Traci spends her non-writing time with her small polycule.