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Our Fae Queen bonus content

Our Fae Queen is a six-book fantasy reverse harem series and it’s COMPLETE!

There are EIGHT pieces of bonus content for the series. Find out how to get them all here!

The Fae Encyclopedia & Bestiary

Like the Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum of the Infernal Rending Universe, the Fae Encyclopedia and Bestiary is your handbook for the Our Fae Queen universe!

Find out about the various types of Fae, discover the Fae realm, and encounter the mythological beasts of the Encante. All the magic, mysteries, and monsters of Our Fae Queen will be revealed to you in this little ebook, along with a short preview of Book 1.

You can read the Encyclopedia and Bestiary before, after, or while reading any of books in the series.

Our Fae Queen Book 1 Deleted Scenes

Get behind-the-scenes insights into how the author’s crazy brain works…

Read the original opening chapters of the Lost Queen that got slashed, including the only scene ever written from Caci’s point of view!

Find out why I deleted an entire character from the book, and see later chapters and why I changed them so drastically.

Over 25,000 words or 83+ pages of deleted scenes!

FOUR bonus chapters

There are steamy alternate perspective chapters from Books 2 and 3, a special shapeshifting chapter from Book 5, and a bonus HEA epilogue that takes place after Book 6.

NOTE: The bonus chapters from Books 2 and 3 are already included in the Volume 1 box set, while the bonus chapter from Book 5 is part of the Volume 2 box set.

Get them all on BookFunnel!

TWO cute interviews

Merc pesters first Kenji then Angel in two cute interviews included in the volume one box set.

They’re super short and written in a director’s commentary style.