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Consorts for the Queen

Consorts for the Queen

Yes, to learning to use my new Fae magic. No, to being used.

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About the Book

The Fae need my help to regain their long-lost magic. Sure, my powerful guards are all supernaturally hot, but their weird Tree of Life ceremony would turn me into nothing more than their sex slave.

Not happening.

Plus, as long as I possess the queen’s magic, the Unseelie won’t stop hunting me… or my friends. To protect us all, I’ll gladly give up the throne.

But surrendering the queen’s magic won’t be easy.

And until I do, it’ll keep summoning potential consorts to my side. So when these gorgeous men tell me they want me, I can’t trust their intentions. Is it me they crave? Or my power?


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For readers who believe in love without limits and HEA!

Consorts for the Queen is the second of a six-book romantic fantasy series with characters who love without limits. Within these pages, you’ll find a simmering, slow-burn romance and an uncertain heroine finding her way with help from the men she comes to love. If you enjoy a story with substance, you’ll love Traci Lovelot’s Why Choose series, Our Fae Queen.

Note: 18+ only. Steamy group scenes in later books involve MFM, FMM, and MMFMMM. All intimate encounters are consensual.


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Series: Our Fae Queen, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Polyamorous, Reverse Harem, Why Choose
Tag: Fae
Publisher: Worldbinding Books
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 105,000 words / 378 pages
eBook Price: 3.99
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About the Author
Traci Lovelot

Addicted to stories without love triangles, Traci Lovelot writes reverse harem fantasy romance books where our leading lady lives happily ever after... with ALL the guys. Because why choose? Her characters love without limits in fantasy worlds that overlap ours. As a polyamorous person herself, Traci spends her non-writing time with her small polycule.