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Read my 3-book box set FREE 🎉

It’s an exciting time! 🎉

I just got a fantastic new cover on the Our Fae Queen box set of Books 1-3… 🤩

AND Amazon picked it for their Amazon Prime Reading program in the US! 🤯

So both Amazon Prime AND Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it FREE! 

Read Our Fae Queen box set FREE in Amazon Prime (US) and Kindle Unlimited

Read all 3 books FREE in Amazon Prime (US only) or in Kindle Unlimited

I’ve been applying to the Amazon Prime program for MONTHS! 📅

And at last, Amazon picked MY book to be in their US program! 😱🤯🤩

(Pssst. 😘 More details about Amazon Prime at the bottom of this post…)

I couldn’t be more excited, especially since this is another chance to show off this amazing new cover. 🥰

Our Fae Queen box set cover shows the Tree of Life with gray limbs slowly losing all its leaves

When my magic suddenly awakens and uninvited guests crash my birthday party, the Fae royal guard saves me… And kidnaps me.

These irresistible, protective Fae want to whisk me away to their enchanted realm. A world that’s fading without its queen — me. 

To save the Tree of Life and Fae magic, I’ll need to bond with five consorts, one of each Fae kind: 

  • A tall, ancient Elf. 
  • A powerful, charming Kitsune. 
  • A playful, flirtatious Nixie. 
  • A bookish, reclusive Duwende. 
  • And a moody but magnetic Veela.

Until my birthday, I thought I was human, and I had no idea magic is real. To make matters worse, not everyone wants me to take the throne — and the enemy is hunting me.

Instead of graduating college, it’s time to find out if an inexperienced young Fae like me can really save a world I never knew existed.

No pressure, right?

What if you don’t have Prime OR Kindle Unlimited?

To celebrate my debut in Prime Reading, I’ve dropped the box set price to 99 cents. 

It won’t stay that way, so now’s the best time to grab it. Plus you’ll get to keep that shiny new cover. Forever! 😍

I have a secret 🤫

There’s a box set of Books 4-6 with a matching new cover coming soon.


If you want a matching pair of beautiful box sets in your library, now’s the best time to buy this box set, because… it’s 99 cents! 

Get your gorgeous forever copy now.

All about Amazon Prime Reading (and how it’s like Kindle Unlimited)

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can read free Prime Reading books. 

Prime has a much smaller pool of books than Kindle Unlimited, because Amazon chooses which books to feature in Prime. 

Prime Reading books change every 3 months or so with Amazon’s fresh picks. 

Just like with KU, you can only check out about 10 books at a time. After you finish reading, you return a book to pick out a new one. 

And just like with KU, you can read the books on the computer in the Cloud Reader, on your phone or tablet in the free Kindle app, or on your Kindle device.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement! Feel free to spread the word.

P.S. I’ll be back to reveal the Books 4-6 box set cover soon!

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