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Preorder Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1 for 99 cents!

Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1 arrives later this month! 😮

Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1: Protected by Outcasts shows three wolves protecting a woman

“My mate rejected me,” I said simply. “I told Heath already. My old pack wants me dead.”

“Clearly,” Gage scoffed. “Why?”

I raised my chin. “Because the moon goddess paired their lowest ranked, weakest wolf with the pack alpha’s son on the night of his betrothal to someone else.”

Poor Freya! 🌔

Rejected by her fated mated… Exiled for nearly ruining the pack alliance… Going into heat thanks to the mate bond… 

And all alone in the wildlands, a dangerous place outside packlands where bandits, lone wolves, and rogue alphas roam…

Three alpha wolves will stand between her and certain death. I can’t wait for you to meet them! 😍

🚀 Book 1 of this exciting NEW reverse harem series will launch into Kindle Unlimited later this month, but the preorder is just 99 cents!

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