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Mel’s Vampire Coven Cover Makeover Sale

Thank you for patiently waiting for the grand cover makeover! 😍

If you haven’t read Mel’s Vampire Coven yet, you can now do so discreetly in ebook or paperback form! 🎉


An ebook sale to celebrate!

Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 1 is 99c, Book 2 is 2.99

A sneak peek!

Here’s a steamy teaser to get you in the mood… for celebrating, of course! 😏

I yanked my arm back, but the vampire’s jaws were locked tight around the bone. The feral beast began to suck, his all-black eyes fixed on my throat as if he wished for more.

With every pull, I felt my magic leaving my body, and I let out a scream… of ecstasy.

Overwhelmed by bliss, I fell across his lap.

I needed him to take more, to make this last as long as possible, to draw it out until I couldn’t go another second without an orgasm. Yet the pleasure diffused throughout my body instead of focusing where I so desperately wanted it.

He let out a muffled sound as his tongue lapped at my skin. It felt as sinfully good as if he had his head between my thighs, which only highlighted how desperately I ached for release.

Another low moan escaped me, and suddenly, he released my arm. No blood fell from the wound. I writhed in his lap, the pleasure still zinging around every particle inside me.

“Mel.” His husky voice contained renewed strength, and I met his deep purple gaze.

“You’re back,” I said, my body laid out across him like a buffet for the taking.

“I am. Are you… okay?” His fangs remained extended.

“I feel great.” With a throaty laugh, I realized my other hand had drifted down my pants. My own wetness covered my fingers, and I found myself desperate for release. “I need you.”

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Now’s a great time to buy your forever copies!

It would make my day if you shared far and wide how much you’ve enjoyed reading Mel’s Vampire Coven! Tell them about Mel being a badass. Or the crazy double second chance romance going on between her and Hudson, plus Nico and Jackson! Or promise them there’s twin sandwiches… 😏

Thanks for celebrating with me! 🥳

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