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Read TWO bonus stories after Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2

That’s right, Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2 has TWO bonus short stories!

Rowan is just so inspiring, am I right? 😏

More info below…

Read Marked for the Pack: claiming bite, secret origins, can't shift, protected by the pack, touch her and die

More punishment in Book 2!

Heath’s arm tightened around my shoulders. “I remember watching you come without a sound. Good practice for today, little wolf. Because Flint and I are going to drive you wild.”

I gasped and nearly moaned, but just then, Flint grabbed my chin and pulled me into a kiss, stealing my sounds.

“That’s cheating, Flint,” Heath laughed.

“She’s not the only one you’re driving wild,” Flint growled when he pulled back.

Gage’s intense gaze remained locked on me as I panted and tried not to whimper. Then his lips curled up in a smirk.

“Put her to the test,” Gage told the others. “If she makes so much as a sound, she doesn’t get to come for the next five days.”

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Like this fantastic Book 2 review from cmc27: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Hot, hot, hot scenes with all three guys, and lots of action in and out of the bedroom. Plenty of story development and plot too, with new twists”

Read Book 2, then read this bonus epilogue!

 The Dark Wolf bonus epilogue by Traci Lovelot

Meet the fourth alpha in this bonus epilogue

On his way to meet her for the first time, Rowan dreams of Freya… in her wolf form!

So far, Freya can’t shift, but this is a preview of her unique wolf. 

Grab the bonus epilogue now so you can read it after Book 2! 

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So, that’s one bonus… What’s the other?

Moon Mad bonus story by Traci Lovelot

Get Rowan’s perspective during Freya’s heat…

Watch Rowan obsessing about Freya during her heat, even though he’s far, far away. 

Yes, the heat affects him even though he’s never met her.

As an alpha, he can’t help but respond to Freya’s need…

Plus, read the first FIFTEEN chapters of Book 3 right now when you join Patreon at any level. 😘

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