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Warm up with wild wolf shifters

Why yes, I am a big tease! 🤭

 Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2 is 99c for a limited time

“You’ll trade your body in exchange for my pack’s protection,” Gage said, his back still to me. “I want to hear you say it.” He gestured at the others. “So all of us can hear.”

Sensing my hesitation, Gage whirled on me, his hard eyes piercing me, searching out my weakness.His voice rose in warning. “We’ll use you in whatever way we want, whenever we want, however often we want.”

Get ready for a race to read Book 2!

Next month, I’m planning a fun game to go along with Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2’s release. 

To celebrate the launch of Marked for the Pack, there will be a contest. 🤩

You’ll need to read the book ASAP to take the lead. So be sure to preorder it for 99c! 💰

That way you can start reading the moment it comes out on Feb 8 🥰

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Gabriel, a broodingly handsome monster hunter, offers to help Forsythia learn to control her magic. But will their growing love survive the monster apocalypse?

New Moon Rising

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Two sisters, so different yet alike, seek the truth of their past. Can they ignite the flames of truth before shadows consume them?

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