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Craving some rejected fated mates wolf shifter action?

When the pack alpha says he gets to claim you first… but you’re thirsty for his enforcer…

I glanced down to see a bulge pressing against the front of his pants. He reached down to adjust himself, and my body heated at the sight of his length, clearly outlined down one pants leg.

“Gage will punish us both if we disobey him.”

Book 2 arrives to Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited in early February

(Preorder coming soon!)

Or… you could read it right now! 🎉

The Patreon Early Release ebook edition is available right now to my Patreon members! BookFunnel makes it super easy to read it on your favorite device, Kindle or otherwise. 😘

Marked for the Pack Patreon banner shows that Book 2 comes with the bonus epilogue

Guess what else Patreon is reading super early?

The first two chapters of Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3! 🤯

And here’s a sneak peek at Book 3’s cover…

 Any guesses who the dark wolf might be?

Untamed Shifters book cover shows four wolves surrounding Freya

 A backstage secret 🤫

The bonus epilogue for Marked for the Pack: Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2 is named “The Dark Wolf” 

“The Dark Wolf” introduces the fourth alpha wolf of the Howling Echo pack. 🤩

And you can read it right now… on Patreon! 🤩

The Early Release ebook edition of Book 2 already includes the bonus epilogue. But the final ebook that will appear on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited will not include that bonus epilogue.

The only two ways to read “The Dark Wolf”

1) Join Patreon (open to all countries/currencies) and download the Book 2 ebook to read on your favorite device (BookFunnel makes this easy!)

2) Wait until launch day in February. Only newsletter subscribers will be able to read the bonus epilogue FREE.

This year is going to be packed with wolf shifter goodness! I hope you’re ready for the thrill of the hunt… 😁

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