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Mel’s Vampire Coven (RH trilogy)

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Here’s what I can tell you so far…

This steamy reverse harem trilogy is set in the same universe as Demon Hunter Academy. You’ll meet Mel in the epilogue of that standalone RH book.

Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 1: A Match for Hell

After vampires killed my mother, I vowed revenge. But to survive my most dangerous mission yet, I must team up with my worst enemies. As both a witch and demon hunter, I’ll never trust them… especially not with my heart.

Mature audiences only: Reverse harem, multiple consensual romantic relationships, M/M side action, and poly themes. All characters are 30-40 years old.

Witches, demons, and vampires rule the night in this steamy paranormal romance trilogy.

I’m excited to announce that this book will be enemies-to-lovers with a DOUBLE second-chance romance!

That’s right, Mel gets a second chance with her old academy sweetheart who mysteriously disappeared to save his twin.

And his twin gets a second chance with the guy who treated him as nothing more than a summer fling.

(All M/M scenes in the trilogy will happen after Mel comes into their lives. And no twincest!)

It’s gonna be one wild reverse harem coming together by the end of the trilogy!

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The Infernal Rending Universe

I have lots of RH books planned in this universe, but the standalone Demon Hunter Academy is the first, chronologically.

Read the steamy standalone before or after the trilogy, Mel’s Vampire Coven, to meet Mel’s mentor when she was just a student.

The female main character, Nimue, from Demon Hunter Academy becomes Mel’s mentor in Mel’s Vampire Coven. All the characters will be in their 30s & 40s in this trilogy.

Nimue and her coven will appear again in Mel’s Vampire Coven trilogy.

How to read Mel’s Vampire Coven

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