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4 new books in 2024?

An exciting year ahead for your favorite wolf shifters!

I’m planning to publish FOUR MORE Rejected Wolf Pack books this year.

Yes, I originally thought RWP would be a 4-book series, but as I started outlining the later books, I realized… there’s a lot more for Freya to discover about her past, her powers, and her mates.

I’m now expecting Rejected Wolf Pack to conclude with Book 6 in early 2025.

So, that means 2024 is going to be PACKED as these sexy shifters lead us deeper into their world.

And speaking of which…

You could read Book 2 next week!

Marked for the Pack: Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2 plus a bonus chapter – coming soon to Patreon

Marked for the Pack arrives to Patreon next week

Patreon is a fantastic platform that lets you support authors directly, paying in your country’s currency. 

Join now to read Book 2 already! BookFunnel will beam it to any device you want, including your Kindle or your phone.

You can cancel and rejoin as your budget allows anytime. No hard feelings. 🥰Find out what happens when Freya disappears into the wildlands with three wolves trailing along behind her…

 The plan for 2024

This could all change, but my rough plan for Rejected Wolf Pack over the next few months is:

  • January: Book 3 early cover reveal! 👀
  • February: Book 2 launch into Kindle Unlimited with a fun launch game!
  • March: Rejected Wolf Pack character cards
  • April: Book 4 early cover reveal 👀
  • May: Book 3 launch into Kindle Unlimited! 

Of course, if Real Life decides to butt in, Book 3’s launch date could slip to June. To read new chapters as I write them and read the Patreon Early Release ebook edition before it’s published elsewhere, you’ll need to go here:

Thanks for telling other readers about my books, by the way! It means a lot to me. 🥰

Join me on Patreon. Read work-in-progress rough draft chapters as I write them. - Traci Lovelot

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