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Rejected Wolf Pack is out and 99c!

So excited to bring you this rejected mates wolf shifter book today! Get ready for all the possessive, growly alphas you can handle!

Protected by Outcasts is available on Amazon and KU. Wolf Shifters. Claiming bites. Touch her and die. Rejected by her fated mate. Exiled and in heat. Forced proximity. Growly, possessive alphas who like to watch.

The price jumps up soon, so get it while it’s 99c worldwide!

“Say it, princess, so I know you understand.”

She swallowed, glancing my way for a moment. Her sweet voice belied the dirty words that came out of her mouth.

“If they want me to suck them off, I will. But you get to fuck me first, alpha.”

Just hearing her say it nearly had me bursting out of my jeans. I wanted to fill her dirty mouth with my cock and make her beg me for it. But it wouldn’t be fair to take my release when Gage wouldn’t let any of us give her anything in return.

“Good girl.”

My wolf pushed to the surface, but I could tell Gage was in full control of his, because his eyes remained their usual color.

“What’s done is done,” Gage said. “She’s with us now. She’s ours for the taking. Ours to rut whenever we want.”

Protected by Outcasts (Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1) by Traci Lovelot

Did you know…

My Patreon True Loves AND my reader team earned their spot in this book’s Acknowledgments for all their help and encouragement along the way. 🥰

I really can’t thank them enough. 🙏

Their names are inscribed in this ebook and will appear in the paperback as well… for all time!

Get YOUR name in the credits of the NEXT book!

Every wanted to be an extra in a movie and earn your spot in the credits? 🎥🍿🎬

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Here’s how it works:

First, join Traci’s Reader Team

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Your name will be in Book 2’s Acknowledgments when published!

I’m 10 chapters into Book 2, so it should be ready for your feedback in November, maybe even before!

Protected by Outcasts (Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1) by Traci Lovelot book cover shows three huge wolves protecting a woman

Rejected by my fated mate. Exiled for nearly ruining the pack alliance. And going into heat thanks to the mate bond…

And all alone in the wildlands, a dangerous place outside packlands where bandits, lone wolves, and rogue alphas roam.

Three fierce, rogue alphas are all that stand between me and certain death in the wilderness filled with bandits and lone wolves.

These alpha wolves offer me the protection of their pack. In return, I must give them what they crave. They demand I share my heat with them, paying for their protection with the only thing I can offer…

My body.

No matter how much my hidden wolf longs to join their pack, I can’t trust them or their intentions. And they can’t trust me or my secrets. There are things about my past even I don’t know.

None of that matters, though. What these alphas want, they get. And right now, that’s me.

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