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Nico can be my bodyguard anytime…

Last updated on February 25, 2023

And now the one we’ve all been waiting for…

Nico is Jax's Ex and a Protective, Secretive Bodyguard and Vampire

Some men are just stubborn, you know?

Nico is SUCH a holdout.

🕴 He’s always been a bodyguard, and his first instinct is to protect.

Even if that means protecting the people he cares about from himself.

As an author, it’s always interesting developing characters… Like getting to know someone in real life, characters don’t reveal all their quirks right away.

So it took me awhile to get to know Nico. ⌚

And that’s probably also why it took me THREE TRIES to write the ending to Book 1. 🤯

The first two times, I had Mel and Preta be the ones to make the… uh, grand suggestion. *cough* (Trying to avoid spoilers here!)

But by the third draft, I realized Nico should be the one to suggest it.

Why? Because it’s the only way to ensure the man he secretly loves — Jax — survives and that Mel goes free. Hudson is a bonus. 😅

Of course, Nico doesn’t reveal all his secrets to Mel and Jax until Book 2… and even then, he still holds back. 🤫

He’s not a man of many words, after all.

Nico never had a problem mixing missions with pleasure, but now that he’s a vampire, he can’t let his desires go unchecked.

He’s dangerous. Too dangerous to let himself fall in love.

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