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Meet Nimue from Demon Hunter Academy

Nimue is a fierce, family-focused demon hunter in training. Everything changes when she witnesses demons slaughter her entire family as the infernal realm rends its way into our world…

Demon Hunter Academy: Nim. Magic: teleportation & wards

All about Nimue

Her name is Nimue Flidais, pronounced NIM-way FLIH-dish.

Many witch names and surnames are inspired by the Salem witch trials. 

Since witches and humans can’t intermingle in my series, I also decided that witch surnames might deviate from human ones over time, and they would tend to choose their own surnames from famous witches or mythology, especially deities who were hunters. 

So, her coven is named after the Celtic goddess of the hunt, Flidais.

She is named after the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legends, Nimue.

A student at the Demon Hunter Academy

At the age of 18, witches begin learning about their magic at the Demon Hunter Academy.

Nimue is in her final semester when tragedy strikes. She’ll need to study hard to survive so she can avenge her family. 

She’ll need to use the Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum to learn about the different types of demons… and how to kill them. 

All demon hunter students receive a copy when they start classes.

Join Nim and learn more about your magic powers in the grimoire. Study the demons in the bestiary. And prepare for the future when you learn more about vampires

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