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 Meet Lan from Demon Hunter Academy

The reluctant one who hates the idea of joining a coven… 

Demon Hunter Academy: Lan. Magic: fire & telekinesis

All about Lan from Demon Hunter Academy

Lantos comes from an interesting background, because the Wardwell coven didn’t survive long. Because his birth-coven fell apart, that makes him afraid to commit. 💔

🔥 He’s also a formidable flamethrower with telekinesis to boot! 

Lan is courageous on the battlefield and intimidating off of it… 

Read bonus chapters from his perspective

Watch him finally cave and propose… to the guys! It’s a SECRET chapter in the published version of Demon Hunter Academy (not previously in the free ARC version). 

Grab this standalone RH from Amazon or read it in Kindle Unlimited… This chapter is integrated in like any normal chapter now. 

There’s also a separate, Patreon-exclusive bonus epilogue from Lan’s perspective called Coven-Love. It will remain exclusive to my Patreon members for at least the rest of 2022, if not longer… 

Watch Nim, Lan, Fox, and Rye finally form a coven and choose what name they’ll share in the bonus epilogue. And you know there’s gonna be steam!

Meet the other main characters from Demon Hunter Academy

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