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Meet Rye from Demon Hunter Academy

A healer who falls in love too easily will struggle not to fall for his patient in Demon Hunter Academy, a reverse harem standalone.

Demon Hunter Academy: Rye. Magic: healing & wards

Rye is open-minded and optimistic. He’s also very determined, and when he sets his mind to something, he makes it happen. 

The Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum is required reading for all demon hunter students. Have you picked up your copy

Here’s an entry from the Bestiary… 

This demon might seriously injure a demon hunter, bringing them to Rye’s doorstep for healing.


Its shadowy body is black as tar with spikes around its neck like a collar, a spiked tail, and massive fanged jaws with fire in its maw. It can disappear into black shadows. 

Highly dangerous; prioritize this target above others, demon hunter!

Read Demon Hunter Academy Bestiary

You’ll need this guidebook if you hope to survive what’s coming… 

And if you haven’t read this standalone RH yet, it’s available in Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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