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Meet Fox from Demon Hunter Academy

Watch what happens when the sexy male witch who offers to help Nimue get her magic back turns out to be an off-limits professor at the Demon Hunter Academy!

Demon Hunter Academy: Fox. Magic: senses & artificer

All about Fox from Demon Hunter Academy

Fox is charismatic and very resourceful. 

He’s also one of the most powerful artificers on the entire East Coast. 

As a person, he’s reliable, and perhaps too brave for his own good…

 Read the bonus chapter from his perspective

Remember those birthday spanks Fox gave Nim? 👋

Don’t you want to read what happened next… from his perspective? 

Check out the extended 😏 bonus chapter!

And if you haven’t read this standalone reverse harem romance yet, it’s available in Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Meet the other main characters from Demon Hunter Academy

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