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The infernal rift tears open soon…

Demon Hunter Academy and Mel’s Vampire Coven both take place in the Infernal Rending Universe. 😈 

Read them in any order!

Get an exclusive sneak peek of Mel’s Vampire Coven below… 🩸

 Which city will demons destroy next? Demon Hunter Academy is free for a limited time!

 A rift between worlds…

They call the overlap between our world and the infernal realm a ‘rift.’ As the infernal realm rends its way deeper into our world, the rift grows, devouring streets, houses, airports, libraries, and skyscrapers indiscriminately. 🌆

Demons in these two books destroyed Charlotte, NC. The next IRU series might destroy New Orleans. 

Or somewhere else. You tell me!

Get a glimpse into the world of Mel’s Vampire Coven below!

 Shadows & lightning ⚡

An exclusive sneak peek into Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 1: A Match for Hell.

Lightning flashed outside, casting shadows across his perfect, muscular body beneath me. Ironically, the cross-beam of the window formed a cross over my sexy vampire’s hard pecs. The chest of drawers cast a deep shadow over his face, where his head rested on the pillow. 

My rhythm faltered, and he took over, thrusting up into me, sliding just how I liked it. I writhed above him, gathering more elemental magic as thunder crashed all around us.

But when I moaned his name, he went still beneath me.

He sat up, and the next flash of lightning revealed the slight scar across his temple.

I gasped, realizing I hadn’t fallen into bed with my old flame, but rather his twin.

“You thought…”

I leaped off of him, embarrassment heating my veins.

“I’m an idiot,” I said as I picked up my clothes and ran for the door.

Be the first to read Mel’s Vampire Coven

That’s right! Demon Hunter Academy is already free, and next week 😱 you can read Mel’s Vampire Coven, which takes place after DHA. 

But you can read one without the other, no worries!Run like Mel! 🏃‍♀️

 A few of our favorite things to read

  • Reverse harem
  • All main characters in 30s-40s
  • DOUBLE second-chance romance 
  • Enemies to lovers who have to work together
  • Matchmaker falls for her instead

That’s right, Mel gets a second chance with her old academy sweetheart who mysteriously disappeared to save his twin.

And his twin gets a second chance with the guy who treated him as nothing more than a summer fling.

(All M/M scenes in the trilogy will happen after Mel comes into their lives. And no twincest, mmk?)

Read Demon Hunter Academy before it’s published. I’m a witch without magic, hopeless to avenge my family

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 Demon Hunter Academy: A Standalone Reverse Harem cover shows Nimue with a metal arm wielding magic
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