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Why I’d love for you to join my Patreon community 💖

Last updated on September 7, 2022

A Match for Hell arrives to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited in late late October. You can preorder it now for $3.99…

OR you can read it the ebook RIGHT NOW when you join my Patreon community at the $1, $3, or $9 a month tier. 🥳 With the ability to change tier levels anytime!

Next month, Patreon members also get to read the steamy alternate-POV bonus chapter from one of Mel’s guys… before the book is even published! 📅

And don’t forget the Patreon-exclusive bonus epilogue to Demon Hunter Academy!

That’s where Nim’s new coven finally takes their new last name together… and celebrates in the steamiest way possible. 😉

There’s a method to my madness… 😝

August was insane. It was a roller coaster of emotions. 🎢🤩😰😖

Recent releases made it the best month for me. EVER. 📈 But…

Amazon threatened to close my account, which would remove all my books from the store 😱

It took WEEKS to appease the Almighty ‘Zon.

It. Was. Terrifying. 😲

And thennnnn… Facebook banned my ads account just when I was starting to understand how to use it!

Ugh! 😒

With all that hassle, September is not off to a good start. So I’ve been wondering… 🤔

What would I actually do if they shut down my account? 😥

What if Amazon shut down my account? And if I couldn’t use Facebook ads to send readers to my site to find my books? 😞

Patreon is the answer. 🤩

Patreon puts authors and creators in control, letting us deliver books STRAIGHT to you, the reader.

No middle man.

No big bad mega corporation threatening my livelihood. 🙄

No big bad social media site telling us that books celebrating female sexuality are too scandalous for ads, even when targeting women age 24+. 🙄 Just me, in direct contact with YOU. 🥰

Patreon Early Release of A Match For Hell plus bonus chapters and a Patreon exclusive chapter from Demon Hunter Academy

If I get enough Patreon members, I have big plans… 🎉

I’d love to start a Discord community where we have monthly chats! 🤗

Maybe even get some naughty illustrations of the guys… 😏

But best of all… you can read Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 1 RIGHT NOW on the device of your choice, including Kindle! 🥰 Will you join me over there?

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