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Protected by Outcasts

Protected by Outcasts

Protected by Outcasts is the first book of the Rejected Wolf Pack series, a steamy wolf shifter paranormal romance featuring a half-breed whose fated mate rejects her.

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About the Book

Rejected by my fated mate. Exiled for nearly ruining the pack alliance. And going into heat thanks to the mate bond… 

My scent attracts bandits and lone wolves roaming in the wildlands, a dangerous place outside of packlands.

Three fierce, rogue alphas offer me the safety of their pack, but in return, I must give them something they crave.

They demand I share my heat with them, paying for their protection with the only thing I can offer…

My body.

No matter how much my hidden wolf longs to join their pack, I can’t trust them or their intentions. And they can’t trust me or my secrets. There are things about my past even I don’t know.

None of that matters, though. What these alphas want, they get. And right now, that’s me.


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Series: Rejected Wolf Pack, Book 1
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Polyamorous, Reverse Harem, Why Choose
Tags: Shifter, Wolf Shifter
Publisher: Worldbinding Books
Publication Year: 2023
About the Author
Traci Lovelot

Addicted to stories without love triangles, Traci Lovelot writes reverse harem fantasy romance books where our leading lady lives happily ever after... with ALL the guys. Because why choose? Her characters love without limits in fantasy worlds that overlap ours. As a polyamorous person herself, Traci spends her non-writing time with her small polycule.