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 Happy 2023!

Wow, it’s already Friday the 13th, and I still keep putting 2022 all over everything! 

When I look back at 2022, I see a lot of amazing books… 

But I’m not slowing down. If anything, I want to speed up! My goal is 5 books for the next couple years, then eventually 6 books per year plus MULTIPLE bonus chapters, short stories, side novellas, and who knows what else! 😅

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And now, there’s also a steamy bonus chapter to discover… 

A sneak peek of Hudson and Mel, reunited…

“Can’t sleep?” Hudson’s voice was low, accusing yet seductive.

“Too busy thinking about our last night here,” I admitted, my eyebrows raising with a hint of a challenge in my voice. “The ropes are still in place if you—”

A blur in the darkness was the only warning I got before the vampire was on top of me, his fangs extending. The color in his eyes told me he was fully in control.

He began kissing down my neck, his fangs occasionally dragging against my skin. Every time, I held my breath. And every time, he only teased me.

The towel around his hips came undone and fell away, revealing his length in the moonlight. Then he rose up to kiss me again, stealing my breath with the passion behind that kiss. I kept my tongue in check so I didn’t accidentally nick myself on one of his fangs.

He kissed my hipbone as he slid my pants off. “You got to ride me last time. This time, it’s my turn to be on top.”

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 As a vampire hunter, she lives by one rule: All vampires must die.

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