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 “Tonight, little witch? You’re mine.” 🔥

 🥵 No Good Intentions is almost here…

Ready for a too-hot-for-Facebook steamy excerpt?

He murmured, “Tonight, little witch? You’re mine.”

“I’m ready.” The words came out in a throaty whisper, and I hated how desperate I sounded.

His eyes raked my body, leaving me feeling naked beneath his gaze. “Take your pants off and get on the bed.”

His domineering words had me instantly wet, even though I didn’t normally go for that sort of thing. My pulse picked up, and I found that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I peeled off my pants and crawled onto the bed, letting him see my backside.

With the way he’d bossed me around, I half expected a spank when I looked over my shoulder at him, my butt in his direction. Instead, he raised an eyebrow with a smirk. I never knew what to expect with him.

“On your back,” he ordered. His voice was all hard confidence, and his eye contact even more intense as he waited for me to obey.

I lay back, feeling vulnerable as the vampire leaned over me, his eyes flashing in the twilight. With unnatural speed, he had my hands pinned above my head, his eyes scanning my body from fingertips to my naked legs.

“You like being at my mercy, don’t you, little witch?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “You can bite me now.”

I gasped as his pupils dilated, reminding me just how dangerous this really was. I’d set up the wards to keep the demons out, but if he couldn’t resist his bloodlust, then it wasn’t the demons I’d need to worry about. 

It was the monster trapped in here with me.

Book 2 arrives next week on January 26!

I hope you’ve read Book 1! If not…

 Launch week next week! 🚀

My excitement cannot be contained! 🤣

I can’t wait for you to read Book 2! I had an absolute blast writing it. 

So much angst! So many twists and turns! ✨ You’re gonna love it! 

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Review of the Week

Jen left this marvelous review of Consorts for the Queen, Book 2, which is part of the box set!

The plot thickens! And it begins to heat up! 

I loved this author’s world building. … Definitely moving on to finish the series!

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