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 A Kiss to Ring in the New Year

Who do you kiss at the stroke of midnight, when it’s time to ring in the New Year? 💋

Glori couldn’t decide between Kenji and Angel…

For a moment, I imagined what it would have been like to kiss Kenji or Angel on that balcony on New Year’s Eve. What would their kisses have been like? Angel’s would have been playful, but passionate. I imagined Kenji’s would have been more refined but no less intense.

In Book 1 of Our Fae Queen, Glori meets these two hotties on New Year’s, but sadly didn’t kiss either one of them. 

Luckily for her, she’ll never have to choose in the future, because Angel is polyamorous, and Kenji slowly catches on… 😆

Kenji, with his long almost-white hair, his easy-going attitude, and those fascinating eyes that couldn’t seem to leave her face… 

And Angel, the laughing life of the party, with enchanting sapphire eyes she could sink into, who rescued her from a creepy encounter … 

Here’s an excerpt from the New Year’s Eve party where Glori first meets the guys.

The music volume decreased significantly. The pounding beat no longer chased me after I turned the corner. Voices floated out from various upstairs rooms, but I couldn’t make out their words. 

Taking a deep breath, I found myself in a hallway alone with Angel, who gave me another of his irresistible grins. 

In a melodious voice, he said, “Let’s find one of those balconies together.” 

His accent reminded me that he must be an international student. I wasn’t sure if it was polite to ask, so I fumbled, “Um, so… Have you lived in Boulder long?” 

“The accent give it away?” He winked at me, taking any admonition out of his words. Then he led the way toward a room at the end of the hall. “I’m originally from Brazil.” 

Opening the door slowly, Angel peeked inside. A guy yelled, “A little busy here, fam!” 

“Looking for the balcony,” Angel replied. 

To my surprise, he neither apologized nor closed the door. I was mortified. I didn’t want to think about what they might be doing in there, but Angel’s gaze was appreciative. 

The guy must have pointed, because Angel said, “Thanks. She seems to like that. Keep up the good work.” 

After closing the door, he sauntered past me. 

“This way.” 

I blinked in shock. When Angel got too far ahead, he stopped and glanced back at me. 

Then he chuckled. “Don’t worry. They weren’t naked yet.” 

A startled laugh escaped me. “I…” 

I stopped trying to speak as Angel gave me a devious grin. “Let’s go.” 

I followed him down the quiet hall and around a corner, totally not ogling his butt, which looked lovely in those baby blue jeans. 

Angel tried yet another door, opening it to reveal an empty bedroom. He barged in like it was his room and crossed to the small exterior door on the other side. 

A street light outside shone in through the window. I hesitated in the bedroom’s doorway and watched as Angel pulled open the door. 

“All clear!” he called. 

The idea of walking into a bedroom with a guy I’d just met made me nervous. 

But then, an image of a shirtless Angel and I making out on someone else’s bed filled my mind, heating my body. I mentally slapped the thought down. I barely knew him. 

My heart raced. So far, Angel had been the perfect gentleman. I found it much easier to talk to him than some of the other guys tonight. And Angel wasn’t leading me into a bedroom to seduce me. 


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