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Play to win a gift card or book swag!

Someone in the USA could get some cool demon hunter swag based on Demon Hunter Academy!

One lucky helper will get a $10 Amazon gift card! πŸ’²πŸ”Ÿ πŸŽπŸ’³

All you have to do is vote on my books to help them rise in appropriate Goodreads Lists πŸ“‹

If you already have a Goodreads account, it’ll take you under 5 minutes. πŸ•”

If you don’t, it’s easy and free to set up a Goodreads account… plus it’ll help you keep track of all the RH books you read!

So let’s work together to get the books you love in front of a larger audience. πŸ’•

Here’s how to enter

1. Follow the link below to find out how you can vote for Traci Lovelot books! βœ…

2. Then share a screenshot of your green checkmark on my Facebook post… βœ…

3. Rinse & repeat! βœ… You can have up to 5 entries if you vote in 5 different lists! Vote for the same book across 5 lists, or pick different books for different lists. Post all 5 screenshots on Facebook!

Winner will be announced Friday, October 7 to give everyone time to set up a Goodreads account and add the screenshot to Facebook!

Plus… here’s ANOTHER giveaway you could win!

$25 gift card giveaway - RH Dark Paranormal Academy KingSumo

There are LOTS of ways to enter to win this one!

Follow, share, and shout out loud to get more entries… Hurry before it ends TOMORROW!

This is your final chance!

But there will be other fun games in the RH Dark Paranormal Academy Facebook group!

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