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Read Mel’s Vampire Coven + Love Bites (the bonus chapter) BEFORE publication

There are no rules but one: All vampires must die. So what’s a vampire hunter to do when she’s forced to work with three vamps on a mission they can’t refuse?

Both Book 1 AND its steamy bonus chapter are already available…

Patreon Early Release of A Match For Hell plus bonus chapters and a Patreon exclusive chapter from Demon Hunter Academy

📃 And you can read rough draft chapters of Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 2 as I write them… the first few chapters are already posted!

Every book in the trilogy will contain orgasmic vampire bites! 🩸🩸🩸 Hot!

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Mel’s Vampire Coven is:

  • 🩸 DOUBLE second-chance romance
  • 🩸 Enemies to lovers who have to work together
  • 🩸 Matchmaker falls for her instead
  • 🩸 Wrong twin / mistaken identity
  • 🩸 Crew of misfits expected to fail
  • 🩸 RH with MM scenes (always include her)
  • 🩸 All main characters in 30s-40s

What does “DOUBLE” second chance romance mean?

Mel is forced to work with her old flame, and his twin is also forced to work with his old flame, Nico! It’s a tangled mess of a reverse harem, and I know you’re going to love the sizzling MM action!

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