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How to Vote in Goodreads Listopia

Thanks so much for helping me find new fans by adding my books to Goodreads Listopia!

Note: Please only add my books to lists where they belong!

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What is Goodreads Listopia?

Goodreads Listopia is a giant catalog of themed book lists where you can easily add several books to your shelves at once.

They’re lists created by Goodreaders around tropes, genres, themes, or topics, and anyone with a Goodreads account create them, add books, and vote in them.

There are Lists for EVERYTHING, from dark books to enemies to lovers to academy RH.

They’re a fantastic way to find new books to read!

How can I vote for Traci Lovelot books?

It’s super easy!

  1. Log in to Goodreads on your computer or laptop (mobile doesn’t work with Lists, unfortunately)
  2. Hit the links below and choose a list you want to vote in
  3. Hit the Vote For This Book button to help my books rise through the ranks!

Marked for the Pack (Rejected Wolf Pack #2)

Protected by Outcasts (Rejected Wolf Pack #1)

A Match Made in Hell (Mel’s Vampire Coven #1)

Demon Hunter Academy

The Lost Queen (Our Fae Queen #1)

Our Fae Queen Volume 1 (Books 1-3)

Our Fae Queen Volume 2 (Books 4-6)

For your chance to win, screenshot the green checkmark with the title of the Goodreads List above it. Or if it’s too far down the list, then screenshot the URL bar to show what list you added it to, as shown below when I voted for First Flyght.

NOTE: For my newer books, you may need to add the book in order to vote on it.

Thanks for helping more readers find my books! Having more readers encourages me to keep writing books you love to read. 😘

Can I add Traci’s book to a different list?

Absolutely! For books listed above, you can vote on lists they already belong to OR add books to a new list. I’ll appreciate it!

Before you add my book to a new list, be sure to closely read the guidelines of that list to decide whether my books truly belong there.


  • If a list says “ONLY Book 1s or standalones,” feel free to add The Lost Queen, Demon Hunter Academy, A Match Made in Hell or Protected by Outcasts, but DO NOT add the Our Fae Queen Box Set or later books in the series. 📘
  • If a list says “standalones only,” please add Demon Hunter Academy… DO NOT add any Our Fae Queen or Mel’s Vampire Coven books at all, as they are part of a series. 📚📚
  • If a list says “RH only, no poly books” please DO NOT add my books, because they always have polyamory themes. 👑
  • If a list says “clean or YA only” please DO NOT add ANY of my steamy RH books. 🥵
  • If a list says “no M/M allowed” definitely DO NOT add Our Fae Queen, Demon Hunter Academy, Mel’s Vampire Coven or Rejected Wolf Pack! 🔥

Note: Never pollute a list with later books in a series!

See below to learn how to add a book.

How do I add a book or vote?

You can only do this on the computer, NOT on the mobile app or by going to on your mobile browser. I tried. The mobile app doesn’t even show Lists. Although you can see Lists on the mobile web version of, you can’t add to them or vote.

So, at your computer… Once you’ve found a relevant RH list, click on Add Books To This List at the top right.

See the red circle shown on the Reverse Harem Favourites list below.
(Click to enlarge image.)

Now you can either add books from My Books or just hit Search.

Type “Our Fae Queen”, “Demon Hunter Academy”, or “Mel’s Vampire Coven” in the search box to find them.

See the example below, where I’ve added one of MY favorites from Kathryn Moon’s awesome Inheritance of Hunger series. (OMG, read it if you haven’t yet!)

After you find the book you want to add, just hit the button that says Vote For This Book! That’s it!

The button will disappear and switch to text saying added to your list with a green checkmark ✔ (See below and click to enlarge)

Screenshot a List like you see below with one of my books and your green checkmark for the chance to win a treat! (ONLY if added to an appropriate list!)

If the book is already on the list, this means you cast your vote, giving it a boost in the rankings!

If it’s not on the list, you’ll have added it for the first time, and it’ll appear at the very end.

Either way, the message will say added to your list with a green check.

To see where it is on the list, go to its List page (linked above).

If you’re not sure if it’s in the list already, that’s okay, you can always add the book again to double check. As long as you see the green check mark, you know your vote counted!

Here’s an example where I went to add a book and found that I’d already voted for it.

I clicked on Add Books To This List, searched for “vixen’s” and discovered The Vixen’s Lead by Tate James already had a green check saying I added it. (Also a great book!)

That’s all you have to do!

Please feel free to add my books to any List where you believe they belong. That way, more readers can discover them. Some lists are below.

More readers = more encouragement to keep writing! So, thank you!

What are some good RH lists?

Reverse Harem Lists

Here are some good reverse harem lists where my books belong.

Please DO NOT add or vote for my books on lists where you don’t believe they belong.

As noted above, if a list says they only want Book 1s, please add The Lost Queen instead of the Our Fae Queen box set. (And never pollute a list with later books in a series!)

Slow Burn Reverse Harem

New Reverse Harem Books

Favorite Reverse Harem

Paranormal-Reverse Harem

Reverse Harem – Paranormal

Reverse Harems

Reverse Harem (RH) Standalones and Series, from Paranormal/Fantasy to Contemporary

Reverse Harem Series and Standalones (from 2015 onward)

Reverse Harem Favourites

Other Lists

Here are some good lists that aren’t strictly RH where my book may belong. It’s up to you to decide! Don’t add or vote for it there if you don’t believe it belongs.

Women Who Rule

Magical Book Boyfriends

Thanks for voting for my books! I appreciate you helping to spread the word!

How do I discover new lists myself?

I’m glad you asked!

You can only do this on the computer, NOT on the mobile app or by going to on your mobile browser. I tried. The mobile app doesn’t even show Lists. Although you can see Lists on the mobile web version of, you can’t add to them or vote.

So, on the computer, go to, and log in. Then type in the search bar at the top. Don’t hit any book, just hit Enter to bring up all search results. (Click to enlarge image.)

Now hit Listopia under the secondary search bar to find all the lists related to whatever you searched for. (See below & click to enlarge)

Now you’ll be able to choose among them all!

Please remember to ONLY add books you believe belong on that specific list and never pollute a list with later books in a series. 👍

Thanks for helping fellow readers find new books! 📖