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How my books are made

Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3 is currently in the middle of this process!

  • I write the rough draft and revise it
  • Patreon gets to read work-in-progress chapters as I write them! 
  • My reader team gives me their feedback on the full rough draft 
  • I make changes based on their awesome input 🡨 Book 3 is here ✨
  • The book goes through editing & cover design
  • Patreon members get to read the Early Release (near-final version)
  • The book goes to proofreaders and sensitivity readers
  • Traci’s ARC Angels read the finalized ARC just before publication 
  • Final updates & formatting the final ebook
  • Wonderful readers & ARC Angels review the book on launch day 
  • Celebration! 🎉

If all goes according to plan, Book 3 will be published on August 1! 🥳

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Now you see all the steps a book goes through from start to finish!Thanks for bearing with me as I make Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3 the best it can be. 💖

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