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Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3 arrives August 1

Doesn’t Rowan look fierce af??? Growl… 😏

Untamed Shifters (Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3) by Traci Lovelot book cover shows one huge black wolf protecting a woman with three other wolves in the background

The fourth and final alpha of my new pack dreamed of me, and I dreamed of him. Now, he’s the one I need the most.

The old pack that once exiled me has captured me. Although my fated mate rejected me before, he suddenly wants me back. Over my dead body.

Heath, Flint, and Gage saw me through the five long days of my heat, but afterward, I rejected Gage when he bit and claimed me. The last words I spoke to him were in anger, so why would any of them try to rescue me?

But there’s one arrow left in the quiver. The one I’ve never met among my pack of alphas: Rowan, a feral shifter raised by wolves.

Skilled at infiltration, this fourth alpha is a stealthy, deadly hunter. I’m not sure I should trust someone who’s more beast than man, but when my eyes meet his golden gaze, I can’t look away.

Something about me calms the feral wolf in him. And something about him calls to the hidden wolf in me. With his help, can I learn to shift for the first time?

We’ll escape together and find out. Then I’ll forge a new path back to the place I truly belong — with my rejected wolf pack.

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99 cents: Paranormal reverse harem, rejected by her fated mate, FMC can't shift, growly alphas, touch her and die

Paranormal desires collide and enchanting realms await…

Lose yourself in worlds where hearts forge unbreakable bonds under the glow of mystical moons

Fall in love with the paranormal creatures of the night…

In their darkness, you’ll find a love that burns brighter than any star.

Thanks for being in my corner as I continue to revise Untamed Shifters – you’re going to love Rowan! 

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