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Last updated on October 25, 2022

Lightning flashed outside, casting shadows across his perfect, muscular body beneath me. Ironically, the cross-beam of the window formed a cross over my sexy vampire’s hard pecs. The chest of drawers cast a deep shadow over his face, where his head rested on the pillow. 

My rhythm faltered, and he took over, thrusting up into me, sliding just how I liked it. I writhed above him, gathering more elemental magic as thunder crashed all around us.

But when I moaned his name, he went still beneath me.

He sat up, and the next flash of lightning revealed the slight scar across his temple.

I gasped, realizing I hadn’t fallen into bed with my old flame, but rather his twin.

“You thought…”

I leaped off of him, embarrassment heating my veins.

“I’m an idiot,” I said as I picked up my clothes and ran for the door.

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