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DHA is 99c + paperback is out now!

Demon Hunter Academy is 99 cents the world over until October 16, so grab the ebook now, only on Amazon.

I’ve also just released the paperback version at long last!

Stay tuned for a steamy sneak peek below!

His eyes searched mine. “I hope you don’t think this is some sort of way of… paying me?”

I turned away and grumbled, “Who gets rejected twice on their birthday?”

“I’m not rejecting you. I just want to be sure.” His large hand lifted my chin to meet his gaze.

I rolled my eyes dramatically. “Fine, okay. I just wanted to have fun on my birthday. Okay? But if you don’t…”

He closed the distance between us, his mouth crashing against mine again. This time, his hands wandered down from my back to my hips and then lower, pulling me against him to feel his arousal.

I tried to lift his shirt. He smiled into my lips. “Allow me.”

He stepped back and slowly raised his arms over his head, taking his shirt with them and giving me a good, long look at his strong pecs and cut abs. They ended in that delicious V that pointed the way into his pants.

Not to be outdone, I grabbed the hem of my shirt with my right hand and pulled it over my head. His eyes sparked with desire, and I found myself impatient to see him naked, to feel him against me.

We came together again, as though he was having a hard time keeping his hands off me, too. It felt good having my skin pressed to his, but it wasn’t enough. He reached up behind me to undo the clasp of my bra and then draped it over the back of a chair.

Then he pushed me back until my butt rested against the table. His hands went for the button in my jeans, and I groaned with need.

His low voice at the shell of my ear made me wild with desire. “I think someone needs a birthday spanking.”

Demon Hunter Academy is a steamy standalone and a supernatural academy romance set in the Infernal Rending Universe. All main characters are 20-23 years old.

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