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Demon Hunter Academy bonus content

Extra! Extra! Find out all about the bonus content here.

Have you read Demon Hunter Academy? You can read the steamy standalone FREE.

This page tells you how you can get:

The Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum from the Infernal Rending Universe (Companion Content to Demon Hunter Academy)

A bonus chapter where Lantos proposes — to Fox and Rigel! — in the hopes of joining their coven

An extended happy birthday chapter from Fox’s point of view

The bonus epilogue where Nimue, Rye, Fox, and Lan finally become an official coven (and where some other characters will choose a new surname as well… be sure to stick around for the after-party!)

How to request more bonus chapters!

The Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum

Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum - Companion Content from Demon Hunter Academy by Traci Lovelot

This companion booklet describes in great detail all the demons from the Infernal Rending Universe (Demon Hunter Academy and Mel’s Vampire Coven).

It’s written like an encyclopedia or textbook that students from the Demon Hunter Academy would read in their classes.

You’ll learn about each demon’s powers and the best way to defeat them as a demon hunter.

You’ll also learn about all the types of magic and witches, along with their festivals and customs.

If my Patreon membership reaches new milestones, I may even get it illustrated with images of the demons!

Read it June First on Patreon!

My Patreon members receive everything FIRST, so be sure to join Patreon by June 1 to read this booklet before anyone else!

Get in before the end of 2022 and you can read all my books EARLY for as little as $1 per month. Pay in your country’s currency. Cancel anytime, no hard feelings!

And hopefully, enough of you are interested, and I can get this thing illustrated later this year!

Read it FREE on July 21

Or you can wait until Demon Hunter Academy is published on July 21. That’s when the Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum will also be available to everyone — FREE!

Lantos proposes (bonus chapter)

This chapter is already included in the Patreon Early Release copy of Demon Hunter Academy, which arrived in May 2022.

Available NOW on Patreon!

Join Patreon before July 19 to read the steamy standalone RH book in FULL with this chapter… before anyone else!

(Patreon members also read Mel’s Vampire Coven chapters as I write them, and can read the book in its entirety before it’s published in October!)

NOTE: The free version of Demon Hunter Academy does not contain Lantos’s proposal!

Read it July 21

The final published version will include this chapter when Demon Hunter Academy arrives to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on July 21st.

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Extended Happy Birthday chapter from Fox’s POV

Remember that sexy spanking Fox gave Nimue in his kitchen? Read what happened that night… from his perspective!

Read it June 29

This extended, extra steamy chapter arrives to Patreon on June 29!

Join now to get your copy of Demon Hunter Academy before anyone else! AND the full-length Patreon version of the book already includes the Lantos proposal chapter!

(Patreon members also read Mel’s Vampire Coven chapters as I write them, and can read the book in its entirety before it’s published in October!)

Join for as little as $1 a month and cancel anytime. But you won’t want to, with awesome bonus content always right around the corner!

Read it in late July

There’s only one way to get this chapter free…

Get my email updates to find out how. I’ll send out more information after Demon Hunter Academy arrives to Amazon on July 21.

You can read this chapter FREE at the end of July if you pay close attention!

The sweet & steamy bonus epilogue to Demon Hunter Academy

In this bonus epilogue, Nimue, Rye, Fox, and Lan finally become an official coven!

See the festival, the official coven-forming ceremony, and the fun stuff that happens afterward…

Some other characters you know and love will choose a new surname as well…

Be sure to stick around for the after-party!

Read it in August

Since I haven’t written it yet, this sweet and steamy bonus epilogue won’t arrive to Patreon until the beginning of August.

Coven-Love will remain exclusive to Patreon the entire time Demon Hunter Academy remains published to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Since I plan to keep DHA up throughout all of 2022, that means the earliest you can hope to see the epilogue outside of Patreon is sometime in 2023.

So to read it this year, join Patreon for as little as $1 a month to get it!

I’m always putting up behind-the-scenes content on Patreon before anywhere else, along with bonus chapters as you see on this page.

You can also read Mel’s Vampire Coven chapters as I write them, and read the books weeks or even months before they arrive to Amazon!

Request more bonus chapters

Patreon members can always request more bonus chapters from any book I write!

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