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Demon Hunter Academy bonus content

Extra! Extra! Find out all about the bonus content here.

First of all, have you read Demon Hunter Academy?

Table of Contents

Jump to each one to learn how you can get…

The Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum (the textbook all demon hunters receive when attending Demon Hunter Academy)

A bonus chapter where Lantos proposes — to Fox and Rigel! — hoping to join Nimue’s coven

An extended happy birthday chapter from Fox’s point of view

The bonus epilogue where Nimue, Rye, Fox, and Lan choose to share a new surname as an official coven (and where some other characters will choose a new surname as well… be sure to stick around for the after-party!)

Plus… How to request more bonus chapters

The Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum

Grimoire & Bestiary Daemonum - Companion Content from Demon Hunter Academy by Traci Lovelot

Pick up the Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum, where you’ll learn all about your magic, how to kill demons, and how to survive in the Infernal Rending Universe…

This companion booklet describes in great detail all the demons from the Infernal Rending Universe (Demon Hunter Academy and Mel’s Vampire Coven).

If my Patreon membership reaches new milestones, I may even get it illustrated with images of the demons!

Read it NOW

The Grimoire and Bestiary Daemonum is now available to everyone — FREE!

Download it from BookFunnel, who will help you get the ebook on your device.

If enough readers are interested, I can get this thing illustrated later this year! Join Patreon to help make it happen!

Lantos proposes (bonus chapter)

Which versions of the book contain this chapter?

The Patreon Early Release version (May 2022) – included!

The free ARC versions (June 2022) – NOT included

The final, published version – included!

Read it NOW inside of the book!

Demon Hunter Academy is on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited, so pick up the final, complete version, which contains this secret chapter!

🚨 A special warning: If you borrow the published book in Kindle Unlimited, please do NOT try to skip ahead to where you think the chapter will be. Amazon could severely penalize me and take down the book entirely if too many people do that.

Extended Happy Birthday chapter from Fox’s POV

Remember that sexy spanking Fox gave Nimue in his kitchen? Read what happened that night… from his perspective!

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You can now find this FREE extended chapter over on BookFunnel!

The sweet & steamy bonus epilogue to Demon Hunter Academy

This bonus from Lan is TWICE as long as the extended birthday bonus chapter from Fox’s POV.

Nimue, Rye, Fox, and Lan finally become an official coven and choose their new surname during the festival!

And another coven will choose a new surname as well… be sure to stick around for the after-party!

Yes, there will be steamy group action, of course!

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Coven-Love is exclusive to Patreon members and will remain so while Demon Hunter Academy is available on Kindle Unlimited.

The earliest you can hope to see the epilogue outside of Patreon is sometime in 2023.

To read it this year, join Patreon for as little as $1 a month to get it!

I’m always putting up behind-the-scenes content on Patreon before anywhere else, along with bonus chapters as you see on this page.

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Request more bonus chapters

Patreon members can always request more bonus chapters from any book I write!

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