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Who Are Angel’s People in The Lost Queen (Book 1)?

Last week, I told you all about the Veela, and how I’d embarrassingly forgotten that they exist in the Harry Potter universe. Mine turned out quite differently as a result, which I consider a good thing. Before that, I introduced you to the Duwende.

At the beginning of The Lost Queen, Kenji and Angel are almost as clueless as Glori about their Fae birthright. Angel eventually learns he’s the type of Fae they call Nixies.

Kelpies, Selkies, Nixies, Sirens, Merrow, Merfolk, Xana, and Boto

All of our legends about these creatures involve water in some way, so I decided to create the Fae with a water affinity by combining these legends.

Most can shapeshift into human-like forms, but all leave a telltale signature of their true forms behind. Legends say they’ll have reeds in their hair, split ears, or wear wet clothing.

Most tend to lure humans to their demise in water through seductive song. Because of these similarities, I decided they were sightings of the same creatures, though different cultures described them differently. 

See how I incorporated these legends into my book below!

nixie kelpie

?‍♀️ In Our Fae Queen, the Nixies are descended from Elves and humans. Unfortunately, much Nixie magic, including the ability to change forms, has disappeared as their link to magic withers.

? Nixies favor living near lakes, rivers, or on islands. Because they mainly overcome enemies through seduction and confusion, they often prefer short blades, knives, cudgels, garrotes.

? They’re characterized by their enchanting voices, enjoyment of music and sex, and their love of water. They are excellent swimmers and musicians, able to enchant other Fae and humans with just a few notes or by locking gazes.

? When in human form, many Nixies have a blowhole, hooves, slit ears, or other remnants of their true natures. In ordinary times, they can turn into river dolphins, water horses (kelpie), fish, water snakes, and seals (selkie).

So, Angel begins The Lost Queen with a blowhole, but he can’t shapeshift due to the fading of magic. Next time, I’ll tell you about Kenji‘s people, the Kitsune! ?

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